Business Scholars Program

Executive Involvement

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Hanover alumni contribute to the Business Scholars Program in numerous ways. They speak in the classroom, critique resumes, provide case study projects, conduct practice interviews and offer project-based internships and employment opportunities after graduation. Share your knowledge and experience with bright, motivated Business Scholars, and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from helping tomorrow's leaders.

Ways to get Involved

Alumni, business, government, and civic leaders bring diverse backgrounds and experience to our program. These groups serve as inspiring examples for Business Scholars in terms of character, community service and citizenship. Supporters of the Business Scholars Program provide several opportunities for Scholars to learn from practitioners.

The Business Scholars Program relies heavily on alumni for inspiration and successful implementation. This includes in-class case studies, skill development and career preparation, workshops, project-based internships, and networking events.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the BSP through class visits, workshops or internships, please contact John Riddick at or 812.866.7337.