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Business Scholars Program

A Real-World Program for Real-Workplace Experience

The Business Scholars Program at Hanover College is a practical and experiential program that lets you practice business skills and apply knowledge taught by experienced business people to solve real problems.

Business Scholars combine a major in their area of interest with practical preparation in business and management. In addition to coursework, they complete an internship, analyze business cases, do a consulting project for a real business, meet with numerous business and not-for-profit leaders and participate in workshops including resume writing, interviewing and business etiquette.

Set Yourself Apart - Hanover's Business Scholars Program can help you set yourself apart from the crowd. You will have the best in liberal arts preparation - your writing, speaking and critical thinking skills will be top notch - and you will have practical career preparation and experience for your job or graduate school.

Prepare for Your Future with Experience - Business Scholars have more than courses on their resume.  They gain experience and can talk about their accomplishments through their internships and consulting projects, and they gain practical skills through numerous workshops and meetings with business leaders.

Discover Your Success - The Business Scholars Program helps you explore your career interests to find the best fit for you. Through career consultation and your unique internship, you explore your career interests, try them on for size and gain valuable credentials. Many of our Scholars come back their senior year with a job offer in hand from their internship host.