Business Scholars Program
Tailor Your Degree
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The career paths within business are excitingly diverse. Whether you are a "words person" or a "numbers person," an introvert or extrovert, a strategist or a tactician--we can help find a fit for your unique combination of strengths and career ambitions.

The Business Major

The BSP's major is designed for students who are committed to pursuing a robust education in business. Majors complete 11 courses in the general areas of statistics, economics, and business, and round out their education with traditional liberal arts requirements.

Add a Concentration

Business majors can enhance their degree by focusing on one of six areas of concentration: Finance, Management, Marketing, Analytics, International Business, or Technology and Design Management.

Students who pursue a concentration take 3-4 additional required courses. These additional requirements are purposefully chosen by BSP faculty with career experience in the area of concentration and are designed to bolster specific high-value capabilities. Concentration courses are often drawn from outside the business curriculum, and include such areas as Computer Science, Engineering, Anthropology, Political Science, and Psychology.

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The Business Minor

For students who plan to pursue careers outside the traditional business disciplines, but may want to augment their skills, the business minor is an excellent option. A business minor requires six courses in the business curriculum and one in economics. Formal concentrations are not available to business minors; however, the BSP faculty, in combination with the Levett Career Center can help students choose electives that support specific career goals.

Project-Based Internships

BSP majors and minors who hold a 3.0 GPA at the conclusion of Fall Term, Junior year are eligible for a paid project-based internship. Our dedicated resources work closely with candidates to secure an internship that reflects and builds upon their career interests. A successful internship is the crowning stroke of the BSP program, establishing Scholars as not only well educated, but real-world experienced.