Business Scholars Program

Project-Based Internship Placements - Summer 2012

Richard Armstrong, '13

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Lids Retail Headquarters - Indianapolis, IN

Project: Richard's internship was at Lids Retail headquarters in Indianapolis. He served as the purchasing and merchandising intern, and was responsible for assisting with the acquisition of companies. Based on this work, Richard gave a presentation at the quarterly meeting about regional opportunities.

Michael Asa-Eck, '13

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Cummins Inc. - Columbus, IN

Project: Michael worked as a Sales & Marketing intern for Cummins Inc., a global manufacturer of diesel engines and related technologies. Michael's project involved capturing information on all High Horsepower competitor engines and creating an exhaustive list of key competitive information that could be made available to stakeholders upon request. He also performed analysis of this data to evaluate Cummins' competitive position in the global High Horsepower engine market.

Ashleigh Burakiewicz, '13

Major: Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology

Internship Host: The St. Vincent Foundation - Indianapolis, IN

Project: The St. Vincent Foundation is dedicated to raising funds that support multiple St. Vincent Hospital programs. Ashleigh's main project was organizing Women of Hope, a St. Vincent Foundation initiative that raises funds for cancer survivorship programs at St. Vincent. Ashleigh was responsible for contracting vendors for the event, securing snack donations, recruiting volunteers, organizing promotional events prior to the walk, and lining up food and shopping vendors for the Community Fair.

Brian Clemons '13

Major: Spanish

Internship Host: One Southern Indiana - New Albany, IN

Project: One Southern Indiana is the combined Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development organization for Clark and Floyd Counties in Indiana. Brian worked mainly with the Economic Development department in helping to organize information and prepare documents sent to businesses interested in the Southern Indiana area. His main project was organizing a real estate database by updating outdated information, deleting old listings, and adding new lists.

Nikki Cohn-Byrd, '13

Major: Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology

Internship Host: MediFit - West Valley City, UT

Project: Nikki had the opportunity to intern with MediFitCorporate Fitness Services. MediFit is a small but growing corporate fitness company that has multiple sites throughout the country. During her internship, Nikki's responsibilities included inter-office liaison between the fitness center and other Discover offices, enrolling and de-enrolling members, conducting physical fitness assessments,providing scheduled personal training to members, writing and implementing exercise programs for members to use, and teaching a variety of group exercise classes.

Allyson Craig, '13

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden - Evansville, IN

Project: Allyson interned with the Marketing Director at Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden, an A.Z.A. accredited zoo. Allyson assisted in planning events throughout the summer such as Membership Appreciation Evening, 4th of July Stroller and Wagon Parade, and Family Fun Day. For her final project Allyson was in charge of securing food donations, ordering trophies, ordering participant bibs, and securing door prizes for the zoo's annual 5K.

Vaughn Crapser, '13

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Dignity Health - San Francisco, California

Project: Vaughn had a unique opportunity to work with Dignity Health, formerly Catholic Healthcare West, in San Francisco this past summer. He worked closely with the workforce intelligence team as the human resources intern at their corporate offices. For his main project he worked in depth with the book The Workforce Scorecard, which was co-authored by Hanover alumnus Dick Beatty, as they attempted to identify critical positions within the organization that would help to minimize costs.

Mona Dajani, '13

Major: Sociology

Internship Host: The International Institute of Buffalo - Buffalo, NY

Project: The International Institute of Buffalo assists refugees, their families, and others who face linguistic and cultural barriers to become self-sufficient members of the community in Western New York. Mona's main project was to assist refugees overcome cultural and employment barriers by volunteering in the refugee's resettlement department and employment. Mona was responsible for enrolling the refugees in English classes, health screening, housing assistance, and workplace orientation.

Kelsey Daly, '13

Major: Cultural Anthropology

Internship Host: Sheridan Mountain Campus- Luray, VA

Project: Sheridan Mountain Campus is part of the Sheridan School in Washington D.C., and uses outdoor education and experiential learning to compliment the learning at the city campus. Kelsey worked on new marketing material and client outreach in order to augment the Guest School Program. In addition to market research, she redesigned the Guest School Program website to make it more informative and user-friendly.

Heather Dombrowsky, '13

Major: Psychology

Internship Host: Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility - Madison IN

Project: As the only female facility in the state of Indiana, Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility has the ability to house 167 students between the ages of twelve and eighteen. As an intern with the Mental Health Department at MJCF, and with her interest in a Forensic Psychology career, Heather shadowed the lead psychologist. She attended daily meetings, sat in on therapy sessions, and attended and observed various training sessions.

Matt Erwin, '13

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Fine Print- Bloomington, IN

Project: Fine Print is a full service commercial printing company that operates primarily in southern Indiana, but also includes international clients. Matt worked as an intern for Business Operations, gaining exposure and experience in customer relations, sales, and marketing. He worked to aid the successful transition of a large customer base from one company over to Fine Print.

Meaghen Geary, '13

Major: Chemistry

Internship Host: Children's Orthopaedics - Louisville, KY

Project: Meaghen is a pre-med student and interned at Children's Orthopaedics of Louisville. Throughout the internship she had the opportunity to work with everyone at the practice including doctors, physician assistants, residents and medical students. She learned about X-rays, fractures, growth plates, and many other orthopaedic issues. She also had the unique opportunity to observe in the Operating Room.

Scott Gilday, '13

Major: Computer Science

Internship Host: Bell Techlogix - Indianapolis, IN

Project: Bell Techlogix is an IT outsourcing company that excels at performing services and projects that reduce operations costs, improve performance, and allow clients to focus on their core business. Scott worked under the business intelligence manager of the company to create dashboards of organized information. These dashboards allowed executives to quickly interpret data, permitting them to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently rather than having to spend time deciphering information in databases.

Stephen Gilliam, '13

Major: Spanish

Internship Host: Goodwill Employment Center - Indianapolis, IN

Project: Stephen learned that while most people only know about the great deals offered by the retail stores, Goodwill is much more involved in the community than people realize. Stephen was responsible for four tasks: understanding the barriers faced by ex-offenders as they attempt to reenter the job market, investigating the success of other re-entry programs, selling the idea of transitional work opportunities to possible long-term employers, and creating a class that taught English and Spanish in the same session.

Brian Gunter, '13

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Shankman & Associates - Erlanger, KY

Project: Shankman & Associates is a diversified manufacturing representative agency offering in-depth geographic coverage of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and West Virginia. Brian was a sales intern for Shankman, and his major project of the summer was selling an over-the-counter drug promotion. These personal sales calls allowed Brian to gain the valuable experience of interacting with and assisting some of the company's largest customers.

Maddie Guy, '13

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Ultra Diamonds - Chicago, IL

Project: Ultra Diamonds is the 5th largest jewelry company in the country, headquartered in Chicago. This was a rotational internship, meaning that Maddie spent approximately two weeks in each department. Maddie completed meaningful tasks for Ultra Diamonds and also gained unmatched experience in a variety of fields.

Anthony Harcourt, '13

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Bedel Financial Consulting, Inc. - Indianapolis, IN

Project: Anthony had the privilege of interning at Bedel Financial Consulting, Inc. for Hanover College alumnus and trustee Elaine Bedel. He gained experience as a part of the investment committee at Bedel, conducting research and reviews on the various investment vehicles utilized in clients' portfolios. Anthony was able to contribute in the selection of new investments, as well as submit reviews on investments that were currently being used. Products of his research are currently in use at Bedel.

David Hider, '13

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Mad Wolf Promotions - Plainfield, IN

Project: Mad Wolf Promotions is an up and coming Mixed Martial Arts promotion company. David was responsible for obtaining sponsorships in order to offset costs of putting on events during the month of July. David also managed the set-up and security for the events.

Clint Horine, '13

Major: Philosophy

Internship Host: Henryville High School - Henryville, IN

Project: Clint interned with the Athletic Department of Henryville High School, fulfilling a multitude of tasks. He not only helped to design the new athletic facilities after they had been destroyed by a tornado, but he also drafted over 400 athletic contracts in addition to scheduling events such as The Henryville Tip-Off Tournament. Clint was able to work with administration, successfully transition to and from satellite locations, and reopen the school after only five months.

Sarah Lathrop, '13

Major: Spanish

Internship Host: Maroma Resort and Spa - Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

Project: At the Maroma Resort and Spa, Sarah interned in the Reservations and Sales Departments. She assisted in planning two weddings, a press trip, and a Volkswagen event that took place at the resort during the summer of 2012. By interning at the Maroma Resort and Spa, Sarah was able to understand the inner workings of a five star luxury resort while also improving her Spanish-speaking ability.

Victoria Leedy, '13

Major: Psychology

Internship Host: Kendallville Public Library - Kendallville, IN

Project: Victoria spent her summer at the Kendallville Public Library working directly with the head of the Teen and Children's Department as an aid on various projects. Along with helping organize programs for local schools, Victoria also assisted with a county-wide day for children called "Kid City." The experience allowed Victoria to learn the ins and outs of public organizations and their involvement in the community.

Nichole Marquez, '13

Major: Theatre

Internship Host: Pig Iron Theatre Company - Philadelphia, PA

Project: The Pig Iron Theatre Company is an ensemble-based touring theatre dedicated to producing exuberant new works. Nichole obtained a stage management internship for Pig Iron in which she acted as Assistant Stage Manager for their newest production, Zero Cost House. Some of her responsibilities included maintaining rehearsal spaces, organizing and updating production server files, consolidating production books from past shows, training the Performance Assistant Stage Manager, and drafting stage management documents.

Trent McIninch, '13

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Athenaeum Foundation - Indianapolis, IN

Project: The Athenaeum serves the Indianapolis area as a historic landmark of the city and a gathering place for a multitude of events. At the Athenaeum Foundation, Trent's duties included event planning, marketing, and advertising for events: including: The "Roofsitter Event" and the "Original and Fabulous GermanFest." With Trent's work, the Athenaeum Foundation was able to more effectively and efficiently create and run its events.

Matt Murphy, '13

Major: Political Science

Internship Host: Department of Insurance - Indianapolis, IN

Project: Matt Murphy spent his summer internship with the Indiana Department of Insurance (DOI), a state agency responsible for protecting Hoosiers as they purchase and use insurance to keep their families and assets from loss or harm. Indiana is one of few states that allow medical malpractice compensation from the state, and Matt was responsible for tracking and posting such information to the DOI website. Matt was charged with many duties, but the most prestigious was the ability to create their annual reports for their Patient's Compensation Fund from 2010 and 2011.

Khrys Nugent, '13

Major: Psychology

Internship Host: Millennium Pharmacy Systems - Chicago, IL

Project: Millennium isa pharmacy service provider to long-term care industries. Khrys' duties included working with the talent acquisition manager to fill open positions within the company. She also implemented a new type of interviewing called "behavioral interviewing". In addition, Khrys worked with the manager of compensations and benefits to combine job descriptions, ADA requirements, and salaries for every employee in the company to make this information easily accessible for the managers.

Cody Osmon, '13

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Junior Achievement - Evansville, IN

Project: Cody spent the past summer working for Junior Achievement. As a not-for-profit organization, Junior Achievement's purpose is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. Cody's tasks consisted of working with excel spreadsheets, making cold calls, and delivering proposals to business leaders to get a foot in the door. Cody also had excellent networking opportunities, sitting in on board meetings, committee meetings, and other sessions with the leaders of the organization.

Shreejit Pant, '13

Major: Economics

Internship Host: UBS - Chicago, IL

Project: Shreejit performed equity research and analysis of several companies from various sectors. He was involved in building asset allocation models and hypothetical illustrations of various portfolios. He also followed the stock market regularly in order to send updates to various wealth managers in the firm. He attended several meetings with Portfolio Managers and Sales Representatives of other firms to gain vast and varied insights.

Mackenzie Pheifer '13

Major: Communication

Internship Host: SCI REMC - Martinsville, IN

Project: Mackenzie interned in the communication department at SCI REMC, a non-profit electric cooperative. She helped the cooperative prepare for their annual meeting by creating signs, letters, and editing the video script. She wrote several news releases promoting the GoGreen committee, a new organization within the cooperative. Mackenzie also designed the weekly newsletter that was sent out each Friday in addition to editing the cooperative website.

Cassandra Rehmel '13

Major: Psychology

Internship Host: Indiana State Fair Commission - Indianapolis, Indiana

Project: Cassandra worked as a Human Resources intern at the Indiana State Fair Commission. The Indiana State Fair Commission is home to over 300 events every year, including the Indiana State Fair that attracts almost 1 million attendees. Cassandra's duties included assisting a job fair, interviewing and hiring 500+ seasonal employees, making sure all seasonal employees had all paper work completed, attending meetings, and assisting the credential approval process.

Nick Rose, '13

Major: Chemistry

Internship Host: Sun King Brewing Company - Indianapolis, IN

Project: Sun King Brewing Company is a small microbrewery located in downtown Indianapolis. The main aspects of Nick's internship included marketing and promotions for the company. Nick helped plan events, conduct market research (particularly in social media), sample beers at events, and worked with a brewer to help test when the beer was ready for canning.

Bryan Ruder, '13

Major: Spanish

Internship Host: TransAm Financial Services - Olathe, KA

Project: Bryan had the pleasure of working for TransAm Financial Services as a Sales Account Manager. Bryan was responsible for maintaining existing clients as well as contacting new prospects with a goal of turning the prospects into clients who would use TransAm services. Some of the services Bryan assisted with were factoring, credit checks, fuel cards, and additional rebate programs. Over the course of the summer, Bryan secured four new clients for TransAm.

Lincoln Scaife'13

Major: Spanish

Internship Host: Gleaners Food Bank - Indianapolis, IN

Project: Lincoln interned in the operations department at the Gleaners Food Bank. He conducted an assessment of a sampling of the 350 pantries and charitable organizations that Gleaners supplies with food. This determined how Gleaners could improve their service and meet needs more efficiently. Lincoln also worked on how to increase the percentage of food that large pantries receive from Gleaners compared to the amount they get from for-profit retailers.

Devon Sharpe, '13

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Indiana State Medical Association - Indianapolis, IN

Project: Devon interned at the Indiana State Medical Association (ISMA), a non-profit membership organization for physicians. He helped create and reorganize pertinent documents, including the Public Policy Manual, the Constitution and Bylaws, and a mailing list of all the Indiana Medical Staff Presidents. These projects are used on nearly a day-to-day basis and allowed for him to better understand the goals the association set out to achieve.

Rachel Slade, '13

Major: Kinesiology & Integrative Physiology

Internship Host: Chiropractic Health and MAX Perofrmance - Noblesville, IN

Project: Chiropractic Health and MAX Performance (CHAMP) focuses on decreasing pain and injuries through: comprehensive chiropractic treatments and soft tissue techniques, graston, ART (Active Release Technique), and cold laser. These techniques allow the practicing doctors to help patients through rehabilitation and recovery. During Rachel's time there she performed daily duties such as filing, scheduling appointments, and shadowing the doctors. Rachel also worked with Dr. Stone in creating a Girl Scout Health and Fitness badge for the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana.

Darlene Sobus, '13

Major: Biology

Internship Host: Clever Dog Lab - Vienna, Austria

Project: Darlene spent her summer at the University of Vienna in Austria interning at the Clever Dog Lab, a unit of the Department of Cognitive Biology. The Clever Dog Lab conducts a variety of studies to better understand the learning abilities and problem-solving capabilities of pet dogs, how they perceive their environment, and their relationship to humans. While at the Clever Dog Lab, Darlene studied the effects of aging on a dog's ability to utilize a social interspecific communicative gesture.

Grace Stephenson, '13

Major: Psychology

Internship Host: Klinikum Nürnberg Nord - Nürnberg, Germany

Project: Grace interned with the Klinik für Kinder-und Jugendpsychiatrie/Psychotherapie (The Clinic for Children and Youth Psychiatry/Psychotherapy). She helped the patients with basic daily functions such as showering, cleaning their rooms, completing chores around the clinic, and supervising snack time, lunch, and field trips. Grace was also able to conduct hourly one-on-one or small group sessions with the patients. All communication was done in German, and much of her time was spent participating in staff meetings and nurturing the well-being of the patients.

Zach Taylor, '13

Major: Political Science

Internship Host: Columbia City Mayor's Office - Columbia City, IN

Project: Zach interned with Mayor Ryan Daniel of Columbia City. He oversaw three main projects: a new citizen handbook, an app for the iPhone that lets citizens become more involved, and the planning of the first annual Columbia City Fall Festival. Zach also gained knowledge regarding the intricacies of municipal government and the driving force of business strategies behind all government.

Joe Todd, '13

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Batesville Casket Company - Batesville, IN

Project: Batesville Casket Company is a leader in the funeral industry, providing products and services for funeral directors to help families honor the lives of their deceased loved ones. Joe's contributions to Batesville's marketing department are best reflected in his regression analysis of funeral trends and his work with an important business plan initiative which involved implementation, approval, and dissemination of tools to the sales force.

Bob Waldren, '13

Major: Philosophy

Internship Host: Historic Madison, Inc. & Main Street Madison - Madison, IN

Project: Bob worked directly with two organizations located in Madison to create and develop a functional database of 30 local businesses. On top of creating this database, he was also performed historical research on all 30 businesses dating back to 1887. Because of his internship's flexibility, he also had the unique opportunity to work in the pit area during the 2012 Madison Regatta, monitor and secure a designated boating area, and receive hands-on experience in the boat racing industry.

Kyle Wentzel, '13

Major: Economics

Internship Host: World Choir Games - Cincinnati, OH

Project: Kyle's internship was with the 2012 World Choir Games where he worked in the office of ticketing and event services. Kyle utilized the Microsoft Office Suite to make graphs and spreadsheets in order to track tickets sold and to update operations. Kyle was also charged with making sure that each venue in the Cincinnati area had the necessary number of volunteers and supplies.

Alex West, '13

Major: English

Internship Host: YMCA Camp Ernst - Burlington, KY

Project: YMCA Camp Ernst is a non-profit residential summer camp and as Food Service Coordinator, Alex had a variety of responsibilities. He had to plan, order, and execute the weekly menu, conduct weekly inventories of two kitchens, act as liaison between Camp Ernst and four food providers, accept delivery shipments, and prepare delivery invoices for Accounts Payable. Alex also helped plan the annual S'mores Festival, a fundraiser to give underprivileged youth a week at camp.

Andrew Wibbels, '13
Internship Host: Irving Materials, Inc. - Louisville, KY

Project: Andrew interned at Irving Materials, Inc. in the Quality Control department. He tested concrete as it was sent out and then entered the testing results. Andrew also helped develop a cost analysis that looked at different components within the mixes. This analysis gave the company information on which products were the most cost effective and would serve to make the best quality concrete.

Sara Willis, '13

Major: Sociology

Internship Host: Visit Madison - Madison, IN

Project: Sara interned with Visit Madison, a not-for-profit organization that seeks to increase visitors and provide an outstanding visitor experience in Madison, IN. This organization is the umbrella organization that works with both visitors and festival events in Madison. Sara worked on several projects, but she spent most of her time working on a video marketing campaign, working independently and fully responsible for all aspects of this project.

Amanda Wolski, '13

Major: Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology

Internship Host: Atrium Medical Center - Middletown, OH

Project: Atrium Medical Center offers a wide variety of services from birth to rehab. Amanda worked specifically in the Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy center. She worked closely with clinicians to ensure better patient care. Amanda was entrusted to monitor patients during established exercise programs, and she aided therapists in designing therapy programs for young athletes. She was also involved in elements of the administrative process, including the documentation and designing of home exercise programs.