Business Scholars Program

Project-Based Internship Placements Summer 2011

Sara Bailey '12

Major: Communication

Internship Host: St. Vincent Foundation - Indianapolis, Indiana

Project: The St. Vincent Foundation is dedicated to raising funds that support multiple St. Vincent Hospital programs. Sara's main project was organizing Women of Hope, a new St. Vincent Foundation initiative that raises funds for cancer survivor programs at St. Vincent. Participants pledge to raise $1,000 and walk in a one-day, fifteen mile celebration walk. Sara was responsible for contracting vendors for the event, securing snack donations, supporting the VIP Card Program, recruiting volunteers, writing promotional articles, and lining up food and shopping vendors for the Community Fair.

Blaine Bishop '12

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Ball State University - Muncie, Indiana

Project: Blaine interned in the Athletic Marketing and Promotions Department at Ball State University. She helped organize several promotional events including Ball State Day at the State Fair, Fall Fan Jam, Welcome Week, and Paint the Town Red. Blaine helped oversee the Athletics informational table at BSU's Summer Orientation Program, assisted with the wrap-up and marketing fulfillment plans for winter and spring sports, helped create marketing plans for designated non-ticketed sports, and helped distribute advertising material throughout the local area.

Tim Boldt '12

Major: History

Internship Host: Bosma - Indianapolis, Indiana

Project: During his internship, Tim provided assistance in the Accounting and Finance department Bosma. Specifically, he worked in the Accounts Payable and the Customer Service departments by performing a variety of tasks. The major projects undertaken during the internship included preparing for the end of fiscal year audit, working on insurance benefits reconciliation, and researching back up paperwork for cash receipts deposits.

Josh Breitwieser '12

Major: Economics and Mathematics

Internship Host: Mid-America Science Park - Scottsburg, Indiana

Project: During his time at Mid-America Science Park (MASP), Josh worked on four different projects. One of his first projects was to develop two user manuals for the software programs used by the MASP staff. He also created a standardized tenant flow chart process for all MASP inquiries. Beyond this, he began designing a boilerplate tenant handbook with MASP amenities and regulations. All of these projects that Josh worked on are currently being used in the daily operations of MASP.

Brooks Busch '12

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Tampa, Florida

Project: Brooks worked as the Public Relations Intern for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, acting as a liaison between the team and media outlets. His job entailed detailed analysis of statistical and historical data, close interaction with players and coaches, assistance in the creation of the 2011 Buccaneers Media Guide and Yearbook, creating the daily clip packet, and extensive work on 2011 Weekly Game Notes.

Chris Cason '12

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Ultra Diamonds - Chicago, Illinois

Project: Chris had a unique opportunity to travel to Chicago and intern at the Head Office of Ultra Diamonds. Ultra Diamonds is the 5th largest jewelry store chain in the country and the largest seller of fine jewelry in factory outlets in the nation. Chris was able to work in the home office in several different departments included marketing, accounting, human resources, sales, and e-commerce. Chris accomplished a product research project where he presented his information to the Vice President of Sales and was later presented to the CEO and President of the company.

Jeremy Cook '12

Major: Kinesiology and Integrated Physiology

Internship Host: Acceleration Indiana - Shelbyville & Fishers, Indiana

Project: Acceleration Indiana (AI) performs sport specific training for all types of athletes. They specialize in enhancing speed and agility performance. Jeremy was a trainer for AI and performed one-on-one personal training by utilizing scientifically proven sport specific training protocols via AI's patented Super Treadmill, Plyo Platform, and Cord Technology. Towards the end of his internship, he also helped manage the Shelbyville facility on his own by recording payments, scheduling clients, and handling client files.

Kraig Eckstein '12

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Cincinnati USA Convention and Visitors Bureau - Cincinnati, Ohio

Project: Kraig interned at the Cincinnati CVB which is responsible for promoting the city of Cincinnati by attracting and bringing conventions to the local area. Kraig worked with the Marketing Department within the CVB and analyzed plans that focused on improving Cincinnati's Visitor Center. Kraig also organized an outing for the volunteers of the Visitor Center to show gratitude for their hard work and dedication.

Alyssa Gullett '12

Major: Studio Art

Internship Host: Mellen Designs - Lexington, Kentucky

Project: Mellen Designs is a greeting card company that offers friendly service, southern charm, and whimsical designs. Allie worked directly with Owner and Designer, Mary Ellen Harden, utilizing computer design programs Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. She designed holiday flat cards for the 2011 line, refreshed invitation artwork, and created new magnet card designs for 2012 release. Allie made sales visits to local boutiques, as well as sales calls to national stores. She was also responsible for the company blog, and updating the company website with new products and designs.

Abby Guthrie '12

Major: English

Internship Host: Indiana State Medical Association - Indianapolis, Indiana

Project: Abby interned at the Indiana State Medical Association, a private non-profit which advocates for Indiana physicians and the health of their patients. Abby served as a Communications Intern and focused on the organization's social media development. She worked with staff to design a meaningful QR code campaign, integrated twitter into the annual convention, and conducted research on the upcoming generation of physicians.

JT Hamm '12

Major: Economics

Internship Host: UBS Financial Services - Louisville, Kentucky

Project: JT Hamm performed his internship this summer with UBS Financial Services. UBS is a wealth management firm that provides unique investment and financial strategies to clients. While at UBS, JT worked closely with the Branch Manager and Vice President of Investments on many different projects including reviewing client portfolios, identifying unique investment strategies to present to clients, and organizing a Young Professionals of Louisville event with the Chief Financial Officer of Kindred Healthcare.

Levi Hamner '12

Major: Psychology

Internship Host: OneSource Water - Indianapolis, Indiana

Project:OneSource Water is one of the fastest growing bottleless water cooler companies in the United States and provides businesses with "fresh-squeezed," purified water on site. As a product specialist, Levi was in charge of launching a new ice product to current customers in the southern Indiana regions. In addition, Levi received and recorded customer satisfaction data, designed product specification sheets and provided product information to sales associates in other regions across the country.

Mollie Hemminger '12

Major: International Studies

Internship Host: Angel Mounds State Historic Site - Evansville, Indiana

Project: Mollie spent her summer internship at Angel Mounds State Historic Site which is a nationally recognized historic site and museum that focuses on the Mississippian Native Americans who live in Southern Indiana from 1100-1450 A, and includes an indoor museum and grounds tour. She was responsible for planning three kids' day camps that occurred over the summer, writing press releases for upcoming Native American Days, and making calls to local businesses and volunteers.

Shelby Henderzahs '12

Major: Psychology

Internship Host: Meridian Psychological Associates - Indianapolis, Indiana

Project: Meridian Psychological Associates offers mental health services to individuals of all ages. Shelby's main project was observing and promoting the Making Parents Advocates divorce group. This group was ten sessions long and provided tools for divorcing/divorced couples to better communicate with one another. Shelby developed a survey that was sent to all previous participants in the group to create a research database. She also promoted the group by presenting the program and sending letters to Judges and attorneys around the Indianapolis area.

Nathan Hickman '12

Major: Psychology

Internship Host: Englishton Park - Lexington, IN

Project: Nathan worked as a teacher-therapist at the Englishton Park Academic Remediation and Training Center. For forty-three years, the Englishton Park Summer Camp has been geared toward improving academic skills, changing attitudes toward learning, modifying behavior interfering with learning, and allowing the experience of success in school-type activities with "at risk" children ages seven to twelve. Nathan worked alongside other therapists to serve the needs of thirty-one children through implementation of behaviorist principles.

Whitley Holt '12

Major: Psychology

Internship Host: The Applied Behavior Center for Autism -- Indianapolis, Indiana

Project: Whitley interned with the Applied Behavior Center for Autism which is an organization that provides ABA and Verbal Behavior therapy and counseling services to children and their families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders. The therapy includes individual, small group, large group, and classroom groups. Whitley had contact with all of the children in the center at one time or another, and interacted with two children specifically, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, to work through their programs. The programs focused on increasing language skills, social skills, academic skills, and reducing problematic behavior.

Michael Kibler '12

Major: Computer Science

Internship Host: Clear Skies Security - Atlanta, Georgia

Project: Michael interned with Clear Skies Security which is a consulting company for companies to assess their IT technologies and applications, and informs them of their vulnerabilities and risks. Michael was responsible for reading through previously programmed code, writing updates for the code, and implementing them into the new settings that were desired by the company. He also was in charge of designing new implementations for the Facebook Security application. Michael developed greatly in his leadership and programming skills, and has a new appreciation for the computer science field.

Zack Kikendall '12

Major: International Studies

Internship Host: Cummins Inc. - Seymour, Indiana

Project: Zack was an operations specialist with Cummins Inc. which specializes in a range of diesel equipment from heavy duty engines to power generation. Zack worked at the High Horsepower Plant in Seymour, Indiana which produces 19L and 30L diesel engines. He had multiple projects in which he worked with various functions of the company such as IT, Finance, and Materials. Some of the projects Zack was involved with included working on ANDON board replacement, database implementation, and material drop lane reorganization. He also participated in multiple Six Sigma projects and coordinated project execution with plant facilities and corporate business services.

Tyler Kirk '12

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Clear Channel Communications - Cincinnati, Ohio

Project: Clear Channel Communications Cincinnati owns and operates well known radio stations in the greater Cincinnati Area, such as: Kiss 107FM, 55KRC, ESPN 1530, and FOX 1360. As a Promotions Intern, Tyler worked directly with the head of Integrated Marketing over all the stations. He was responsible for radio contest give-a-ways, press releases, and prize arrangements. He also took his work into the field and did many on site promotional events like the WEBN Fireworks and the Cincinnati Reds Pre-Game Fan Zone. Overall, he worked on everything from the promotional ads that were sent to the sponsor companies to the bands that attended the venue to perform.

Courtney McIntosh '12

Major: English

Internship Host: Saddlebred Horse Association of Scandinavia - Stockholm, Sweden

Project: The Saddlebred Horse Association of Scandinavia is an organization that works to promote the American Saddlebred horse in Scandinavia. Courtney spent her summer working with the association developing a website to promote Saddlebreds throughout Europe, and was responsible for writing articles for the website. She plans to continue working with the Saddlebred Horse Association of Scandinavia on this project and other projects in the future.

Eric Moore '12

Major: History

Internship Host: South Central Media - Evansville, Indiana

Project: Eric interned at South Central Media, a company working in radio and digital marketing. Eric assisted in the acquisition of assets from various clients and the organization of those assets within the company's digital programs. He also completed a series of phone calls to set up meetings with prospective clients and participated in off-site client meetings. He enjoyed his time at the company as he meshed well with all of his coworkers and is already welcome back to South Central Media upon his graduation.

Mary Pelfrey '12

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Indiana State Fair Commission - Indianapolis, Indiana

Project: Mary worked as an Events Intern for the Indiana State Fair Commission. The Indiana State Fair Commission is committed to preserve and enhance the Fairgrounds and the annual State Fair for the benefit of all citizens of Indiana. Mary's duties included preplanning, day coordination, and implementation of various events including: Cricket Spitting, Kids' Day activities, the Traditional Arts Indiana State Fair Fiddle Contest, and the Miss Indiana State Fair Queen Contest.

Andrea Razuri '12

Major: International Studies

Internship Host: UltraDiamonds - Chicago, Illinois

Project: During this past summer Andrea interned with UltraDiamonds which is the 5th largest jewelry chain in the nation. While Andrea was able to explore different aspects of the company, the majority of her time was spent working with the planning and accounting department. Some tasks she was responsible for includedrecalling and allocatingspecific jewelry pieces from different Ultra stores back to the vault and balancing checks.

Abbey Schmahl '12

Major: Mathematics

Internship Host: Madison Precision Products, Inc. - Madison, Indiana

Project: Madison Precision Products, Inc. (MPP) is a manufacturer of die-cast aluminum parts for the automotive industry. Abbey's primary project was to perform a fixed asset audit for the plant's accounting department. This project entailed floor research, constant interaction with fellow employees, and accurate descriptions of findings. Abbey was able to compile a grand list of all assets in the company, which was ultimately presented at a manager's meeting. Her implications will enable MPP to accurately report plant values and categorize assets for easier recognition of them in the future.

Paige Schroeder '12

Major: Sociology

Internship Host: Indiana State Fair - Indianapolis, Indiana

Project: Paige worked as an Entertainment and Events intern for the Indiana State Fair, the number one event in Indiana that draws almost a million people each summer. Her main project consisted of being the stage manager for the Ricker's Main Street Stage, where she accommodated and worked with over 40 performing artists. Paige also over saw three main events from preparation to execution: the Open Blast Car Show, Pedal & Park, and the balloon race.

Britney Taamu-Miyashiro '12

Major: Sociology

Internship Host: ClubCharm - Honolulu, Hawaii

Project: ClubCharm is an afterschool program for girls ages 7-12 that focuses on character building by instilling self-awareness through daily scheduled activities, lessons by mentors, and guidance by "big sisters". Britney's summer-long project was to create a manual for the program curriculum which articulated the organization's philosophy and program objectives. Other duties included operating ClubCharm in the absence of director, conducting "Chit Chats", and coordinating different activities.

Will Taylor '12

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Independence Bank - Owensboro, Kentucky

Project: During Will's internship with Independence Bank, he was given the opportunity to explore several departments even though he primarily worked with risk management. Some of the assignments he was given included aspects of internal auditing, post loan closing, and fraud research. Since the conclusion of his internship, Will has strongly considered a future in banking.


Nana Abeeku Thompson '12

Major: Computer Science

Internship Host: Clear Skies Security - Atlanta, Georgia

Project: At Clear Skies Security, Nana helped with the market research of a new security application that the company envisioned would keep the expansive use of social networking safe and easy to control. Nana also assisted in creating an e-Commerce application to be used as part of the customized application package for Clear Skies Security customers. These projects served as an immense learning opportunity for Nana as he was able to gain new programming knowledge that he hopes to use in his future career endeavors.

Kaelin Tuell '12

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Mid-America Science Park - Scottsburg, Indiana

Project: Kaelin worked as a Marketing Intern at the Mid-America Science Park (MASP), a non-profit technology park for entrepreneurs, and took charge of renovating MASP's marketing plans and strategies. Kaelin worked to improve different components of their marketing tools including their website, newsletter, factsheets, and brochure. She also designed and collated marketing materials for the Science Park's training programs, workshops, and webinars. Kaelin also received an opportunity to return to the Mid-America Science Park after graduation.

Nicolo Ungari '12

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Almawave Consulting - Rome, Italy

Project: Nico worked with Almawave Consulting as part of the New Media Team. His work included but was not limited to, working with the Airport of Rome to develop a social media marketing campaign and Telco European Corporation to renew their intranet website, and developing a 5 step process to calculate ROI on social media.

Megan VanDyke '12

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Downtown Lexington Corporation - Lexington, Kentucky

Project: The Downtown Lexington Corporation is a membership based, non-profit organization dedicated to the revitalization of downtown Lexington and making it a vibrant and unique place to live, work, and play. As an intern, Megan helped plan and execute free events for the downtown community. She also worked closely with the LFUCG Itinerant Merchant Task Force in order to create a proposed pilot program allowing mobile food vendors to legally operate in downtown Lexington.

Vanessa Vining '12

Major: Spanish

Internship Host: AAA Allied Group - Cincinnati, Ohio

Project: During the summer, Vanessa was a travel agent assistant in the Leisure, Corporate, and Provident Travel departments with AAA (American Automobile Association) which provides products and services for customers involving cars & driving, travel, insurance, banking and loans. AAA is dedicated to helping people keep safe on the road and providing their customers with the best vacations and entertainment as possible. Vanessa's main responsibility was planning trips for customers.

Natosha Wood '12

Major: Sociology

Internship Host: DePuy Orthopaedics - Warsaw, Indiana

Project: DePuy Orthopaedics, a division of the Johnson and Johnson companies, is one of the top five orthopaedics companies in the nation and is located in Warsaw, Indiana. Natosha worked with the Business Intelligence team which includes Competitive Analysis, Market Research and Strategic Planning. During her time with the company, she worked as a Marketing Research Intern and gained valuable insight for the planning, analysis and presentation of five marketing, both qualitative and quantitative, research projects.

Braden Worrell '12

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Louisville Science Center - Louisville, Kentucky

Project: The Louisville Science Center is committed to growing a scientifically literate community that investigates, questions, and challenges. Braden's marketing-based internship duties were to create multi-media promotional projects for the Science Center's summer programs, rental spaces, IMAX, and special events. Other work included market research, competitive group sales analysis, and event promotions. By the end of Braden's internship, he presented multiple finalized videos to the Science Center, many of which will be provided to future potential exhibitors and organizations seeking out display/event space at the Science Center.