Business Scholars Program

Applying - Hanover Students

Admission Information for First Year and Sophomore Hanover Students 

The Business Scholars Program is designed to enhance a student's liberal arts major with business knowledge, skills and experience for any career. Though selective, there is not an admission cap. Applicants do not compete against each other; all qualified applicants will be admitted.

Admission will be based on three criteria, none of which will serve as the sole determining factor:

Aptitude: Measured by the applicant's academic performance and recommendations. Successful Business Scholars must be able to communicate effectively and work well with others to solve problems.

Engagement: The Business Scholars Program is designed to promote future business leaders. Students admitted into the program should demonstrate engagement outside of the classroom through past volunteerism, participation in clubs or organizations, leadership positions, and community involvement.

Enthusiasm: Successful applicants will share an excitement about learning and exploring ways their education can be connected to life after Hanover College. The nature of the program requires Business Scholars to interact and participate in activities that will assist them in preparation for the job market or graduate school.

Admission Process:

First Year and Sophomore Applicants: Hanover students can apply for admission into the Business Scholars Program during their first year or as rising sophomores. To be admitted that year, students must apply by:

First Year Students: The first day of winter term classes (in order to attend the January Orientation)
Sophomores: First week of fall term (in order to attend the September Orientation)

Applicants must complete an application and submit a resume on or before specified deadlines.

Hanover Student Application Form