Business Scholars Program

About the Business Scholars Program

Emily Miller and host at the Indianapolis Museum of ArtAs Hanover graduates, Business Scholars take with them more than just a diploma. Business Scholars arrive at a job interview or their first day of graduate school with a wealth of experiences. Hanover's liberal arts curriculum and small classes help students learn to communicate effectively, think critically, and solve problems creatively. Through a variety of experiential learning opportunities and networking events, our Business Scholars Program builds upon the liberal arts foundation by emphasizing practical application of business knowledge and skills.

The Business Scholars Program is intended to provide practical and customized preparation for careers in business, as well as not-for-profit and governmental management.  There are three phases of the program.  Scholars start out by taking two courses covering knowledge needed in every organization and in nearly every job - managing people and financial resources.  There are also several required workshops on career search and business skills.

In the second phase, each Scholar has the opportunity to customize the courses, workshops and internship that relate to their particular career interest.  Scholars pick electives to develop greater knowledge in areas of personal interest.  Each Scholar works with the Director of Internships to set up a project-based internship in which they try on and gain credentials for the career area that most interests them, whether it be in venture capital, sports marketing, psychological counseling or not-for-profit management.  Internships are project-based to make sure they provide valuable experience. And every internship is paid.  Scholars can also choose from a range of optional workshops and networking opportunities to build skills and develop business connections that will help you succeed.

In the final phase, Scholars complete a consulting project for a real business as part of the capstone Business Strategy course.  The Scholars organize themselves into teams led by student coordinators to help an organization address particular issues or hone their strategy.

The Business Scholars program was founded in 2004 with 19 Scholars.  Since then over 500 Business Scholars have graduated from Hanover with the Business Scholar concentration, with majors ranging from Biology to Art History to Geology to Political Science.