Business Scholars Program

Project-Based Internship Placements - Summer 2017

Logan Abernathy

Logan Abernathy '18

Major: Biology

Internship Host: Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge

Project:  Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge is a wildlife sanctuary dedicated to protecting wildlife by providing natural habitats for many species of animals and educating the public about the environment.  Logan worked to help preserve the environment by managing water levels, removing invasive species, and educating visitors. The refuge now flourishes due to lower water levels and the preservation of new wildlife habitats.  


Bailey Allen

Bailey Allen '18

Major: Geology

Internship Host: Travis Thompson Oil Corporation

Project: Bailey's work consisted of maintaining current production wells in Southeastern Illinois and Southwestern Indiana, as well as installing new pumping units and reworking ground water injection wells. He became familiar with the operation of a ground based portable rig system, reading electric, seismic, and gamma logs to locate possible oil reserves, in addition to the Illinois Basin stratigraphic column.

Daliah Altal

Daliah Altal '18

Major: Psychology

Internship Host: Kentucky Refugee Ministries

Project: Daliah's internship was with Kentucky Refugee Ministries in Louisville, Kentucky. She worked with the medical office, "Refugees of The World" office, office of employment, as well as several interpretation sessions across the board. Daliah learned how non-profits are organized and about the world of social work.

Rama Amer

Rama Amer '18

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Wataniya Mobile

Project: Rama interned at Wataniya Mobile (a member of the Ooreedoo group), one of the two telecommunications companies based in Ramallah, Palestine. She worked in the Marketing and Communications department with the main focus on helping them set up for their launch in Gaza. Rama did market research, social media marketing and set up events. These tasks enhanced her digital marketing skills and professional communication skills.

Carson Bailey

Carson Bailey '18

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Kentuckiana News

Project: Carson worked at the local news organization "Kentuckiana News and conducted several interviews.The shows were aired on Oldham County 35 and Madison TV Channel 15, and posted on social media and YouTube. Carson got the opportunity to visit and work with many other organizations including WORX, a local radio station, and WLKY, a Louisville station.

Zachh Barnes

Zach Barnes '18

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Capital Cities

Project: Zach interned at Capital Cities, which is a small investment consulting company specializing in institutional investing located in downtown Indianapolis. Zach learned about investments and the services an investment consultant provides for their clients. He conducted two research projects, one for Impact Investing and one for State Sponsored Retirement Plans. Zach also observed meetings with institutional clients and investment managers. 

Trent Barnett Trent Barnett '18

Internship Host: Psychology

Project: Trent worked at the Englishton Park Children's Summer Program located in Lexington, Indiana. He was as a Staff Team Leader and was responsible for leading portions of training sessions for the new staff including trail hikes and tool safety. He was responsible for creating and designing an outdoor recreational, therapeutic kayaking program.

Colleen Beasley

Colleen Beasley '18

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Kentucky Shakespeare

Project: Colleen interned with Kentucky Shakespeare in Louisville, Kentucky. She worked with children ages 4 to18 as a part of their summer camp program. She worked as a co-instructor leading workshops, activities, and other lessons that helped contribute to the camper's final performance on the stage in Central Park. She also worked on a promotional video project for the company in which she filmed and edited footage.

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Katherine Booker '18

Major: English

Internship Host: Richwood on the River

Project: Richwood on the River, located in Milton, Kentucky, is a beautiful bed and breakfast located on spacious grounds that serves as a facility for weddings and reunions. Kat's primary job was to share the company image through social media. She worked to broaden their outreach by contacting agencies in surrounding locations and increase awareness.

Kelsey Brandvik

Kelsey Brandvik '18

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Fastsigns

Project: Kelsey interned at sign franchise Fastsigns located in Indianapolis, IN. Fastsigns provides customers with visual solutions to any sign challenge by offering anything from graphics to sign installation. Kelsey helped market their services on social media sites. She also created a content calendar to be published

Taylor Browning

Taylor Browning '18

Major: Chemistry

Internship Host: Vertellus Specialties, Inc.

Project: Taylor interned at Vertellus Specialties, Inc. in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company is one of the leading global providers of specialty chemicals for the pharmaceutical, medical, and agricultural markets. She worked in the Research and Development Department of Vertellus and was involved in synthesizing a new monomer for the contact lens industry. Taylor was able to synthesize over one kilogram of product which will be sent to clients for further testing.

Brandy Buchanan

Brandy Buchanan '18

Major: Chemistry

Internship Host: Rembrandt's Gallery and Wine Bar

Project: Brandy interned at Rembrandt's Gallery and Wine Bar in Madison, IN. She assisted in starting up a new entity of the business: a nanobrewery. Brandy developed a strategy for the startup and participated in the brewing process. She gained much knowledge and experience.

Courtney Buchanan

Courtney Buchanan '18

Major: Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology

Internship Host: Rivertown Chiropractic

Project: Courtney interned for Rivertown Chiropractic Wellness Center located in downtown Madison, IN. Courtney worked with the wellness program coordinator, personal trainers and rehab assistants. Her tasks consisted of creating and directing workouts, assisting with nutrition consultations and demonstrating therapies to clients. She screened patients during both new patient and re-exams, which allowed her to generate wellness scores for all individuals.

Levi Buck

Levi Buck '18

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Colonial Life

Project: Levi's internship was with Colonial Life out of Indianapolis. Colonial Life is an insurance company that specifies in providing companies with a wide range of employee benefits. As a sales intern, Levi was required to make cold calls and drop-ins to try and set appointments with business owners for his advisors. 

Raelyn Cardwell

Raelyn Cardwell '18

Major: Political Science

Internship Host: St. Vincent's Foundation

Project: Raelyn interned with the St. Vincent Foundation in Indianapolis, IN. She oversaw the social media and drafting communications for the St. Vincent Cancer Challenge, organized the silent auction for their annual Polo at Sunset event, and prepared the silent auction items for the second annual Love It! Soiree. She also created a marketing plan to revamp the hospital's Caring Angel Program, finalized several creative projects, and attended numerous planning and strategy meetings.

Adam Casto

Adam Casto '18

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Colonial Life Insurance

Project: Adam interned with Colonial Life Insurance in Indianapolis. His role was to perform cold-calls to businesses as one of Colonial's sales representatives. Adam made 100 to 150 dials on a daily basis attempting to secure appointments with business owners. Adam was able to gain experience in a professional sales role.

 Iasia Cheers

Iasia Cheers '18

Major: International Studies

Internship Host: The International Center

Project: The International Center in Indianapolis is a catalyst to inform, convene, and connect public, private, and civic global objectives in Indiana. Iasia served as the Global Competency Training intern and helped to provide detailed observation research and feedback for cultural training and workshops put on by the International Center. She also sat in on foreign worker orientations and attended multiple naturalization ceremonies.

Cassidy Coates

Cassidy Coates '18

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Indiana State Fair

Project: Cassidy was a Marketing Intern for the 2017 Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis. Her primary focus was on the distribution of the Fair programs. Cassidy also helped with graphic design projects, such as the Indiana State Fair Award-Winning Recipes Cook Book. Cassidy learned a variety of skills and enjoyed the excitement of the Fair.

Dean Collier

Dean Collier '18

Major: Math

Internship Host: OneAmerica

Project: OneAmerica is a top provider of life insurance products and financial services headquartered in Indianapolis, IN. Dean was an actuarial intern in the individual life and financial services branch of the company. He worked to improve financial reporting along with testing new software for the company to use in day-to-day projects. Dean gained valuable knowledge and skills in various computer programs along with broad experience in the insurance industry. 

Hannah Collier

Hannah Collier '18

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Soccer By Design

Project: Hannah interned at Soccer By Design Event Management, located in Westfield, IN. Soccer By Design is a professional soccer event and tournament management company that provides full service tournaments for soccer clubs and organizations. Hannah was a Communication and Media Intern and her primary duties were to capture photos and videos from the tournaments for the company's social media pages. She also created videos that had instructions for soccer tournaments and planned the Upstate College Showcase event.

Chris Cronkhite

Chris Cronkhite '18

Major: Political Science

Internship Host: Kyana Packaging Solutions

Project: Kyana Packaging Solutions is a family-owned and operated packaging & industrial supply facility in Louisville. They provide packaging solutions to customers in the "Kentuckiana" area. Chris worked on a marketing project that involved a "Voice of the Customer" survey that focused on customers' current needs and satisfaction with the services provided by their packaging partners. Chris acquired contact information for over 1,000 C-level employees in the area and received a 3.5 percent response rate with the survey.

Shelby Earl

Shelby Earl '18

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Sun King Brewery

Project: Shelby Earl interned as a 'canbassador' at Sun King Brewery in downtown Indianapolis. She was responsible for packing promo bins, logistics such as monthly beer counts, assisting the event coordinator with major events such as GenCon, CarmelFest, and the 8-year anniversary party. Shelby also sat in on a meeting between Sun King owners and buyers for the Chicago and Louisville area.

Victoria Ellingsworth

Victoria Ellingsworth '18

Major: Creative Arts Marketing and Management

Internship Host: Persistent Management

Project: Victoria interned at Persistent Management, a music and artist management company based in Los Angeles, California. They provide career management, marketing, and consulting for artists breaking into the industry. She was responsible for helping manage specified social media accounts for the company and artists represented by Persistent Management. Her biggest accomplishment was acting as the Artist and Repertoire representative by going through a database of contacts and submissions of potential clients. 

Leah Faber 

Leah Faber '18

Major: Psychology

Internship Host: Expert Accounting, Inc. and Counseling and Consultation Services

Project: Leah's internship was with two different companies, Expert Accounting Inc., and Counseling and Consultation Services. Expert Accounting Inc. is an Accounting firm that offers services for personal and professional taxes, financial coaching, bookkeeping, and payroll. Leah's main responsibilities included administrative tasks, and medical billing. Counseling and Consultation Services is a therapy private practice. Leah's responsibilities consisted of attending a weekly session with a patient alongside the therapist, researching, organizing, and running two mindfulness workshops for adolescence. She also organized a group therapy for the therapist to run later in the year.

William Gay

William Gay '18

Major: Computer Science

Internship Host: Hijro

Project: William interned for Hijro, a tech start-up based in Lexington, Ky. Hijro is building an online marketplace for trade financing. He developed and published a web app to help customers retrieve their bitcoin from a wallet that the Hijro team had previously run.  He also worked on designing and building a custom messaging and voting app to be used internally.

Jade Gooch

Jade Gooch '18

Major: Economics

Internship Host: RiverRidge Commerce Center

Project: Jade interned at River Ridge Commerce Center (RRCC), which is a 6,000-acre development created to replace lost economic revenue from the Indiana Army Ammunition Plant. She conducted research on regional workforce data that will be used to market RRCC and the Louisville-Jefferson County metropolitan statistical area (MSA) to prospective firms that plan to relocate and/or expand to Southern Indiana. Jade's research led to the investment in a company that provides national workforce data.

Scarlett Hartlage

Scarlett Hartlage '18

Major: Communication

Internship Host: KOIT Global Investments

Project: Scarlett interned for KOIT Global Investments located in Louisville, Kentucky. This company is a regional center for the EB-5 Investor Program which is an alternative financing program that brings in high-net-worth foreign individuals to invest in a project in the United States. She was involved in performing research and analyzing EB-5 regulations and regional center designations. She drafted briefs and company policies focused on private equity and fund administration for resource purposes. Scarlett was able to attend strategic community events to educate organizations on the EB-5 Visa Program.

Nate Hein

Nate Hein '18

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Coverstar Central

Project: Nate interned at Coverstar Central in Indianapolis. Coverstar Central is one of America's top pool cover distributor. Their outreach covers eighteen states, selling high-end pool covers to pool companies. Nate worked in the marketing department and customer support. He worked with Google Analytics and social media to increase awareness of Coverstar Central. Nate also worked with several customers over the phone to help solve their issues and placed small parts orders.

Cassie Hendrickson

Cassie Hendrickson '18

Major: Anthropology

Internship Host: Leslie Hindman Auctioneers

Project: Cassie was an intern for Leslie Hindman Auctioneers in Chicago, Illinois. Leslie Hindman Auctioneers is one of the nation's foremost fine art auction houses. Cassie formulated a company-wide insurance report and brainstormed ways to decrease insurance costs. She also researched and constructed a book of upcoming sale highlights and descriptions for potential clientele.

Fernando Hernandez

Fernando Hernandez '18

Major: Political Science

Internship Host: Senator Patricia Bates

Project: Fernando interned for Senator Patricia Bates in her district office in Encinitas, California. Senator Bates is the Republican Leader in the California State Senate, and represents the people of San Diego and Orange County. Fernando worked in roles crucial to the office such as policy analysis, communications, and acting as a formal representative of the Senator during local district events. One of his biggest projects consisted of an intensive analysis on education in California, which will be used by the Senator to formulate new policy goals aimed at improving education in the state. 

Cara Hoskins

Cara Hoskins '18

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Ronald McDonald House Charities

Project: Cara's internship was at the Ronald McDonald House Charities in Evansville, Indiana. RMHC focuses on keeping families close to their children when they are in the hospital. Cara spent her summer as the Marketing Intern for RMHC, making videos to promote their events and fundraisers and posting on social media. Her favorite experience from her time at RMHC was hearing the stories of the families that benefitted from the organization and knowing that her work had an impact on people's lives.

Brooks Howell

Brooks Howell '18

Major: Economics

Internship Host: OneSouthern Indiana

Project: Brooks interned at OneSouthern Indiana, the lead economic developer and chamber of commerce for Clark and Floyd County, IN. He worked alongside the economic development team, which worked to improve the economic status of the local community. His main focus of the summer was to create layouts on a database called FileMaker to help organize data on current and potential members.

Ryan Keeney

Ryan Keeney '18

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Sherwin Williams

Project:  Ryan held a sales/management internship at Sherwin-Williams in Madison, AL. Sherwin-Williams has recently grown to be the world's largest paint company. Ryan worked on the sales floor helping customers make a decision on a type of paint that with match their expectations, while also working on a project provided by the company for himself and another intern to complete. As a result, Ryan had opportunities where he could implement sales techniques, while also completing a project to help the company "up-sell", or sell the higher quality paint products. 


Joe Korjenek

Joe Korjenek '18

Major: Mathematics

Internship Host: AISA Investment Advisors

Project: Joe was an analyst intern with AISA Investment Advisers in Louisville, KY. AISA assures their clients that their EB-5 investment has the least amount of risk possible and helps them through the process of becoming a United States citizen. His main project was to create a New York database of all Regional Centers and their projects. This allowed AISA to become more familiar with the New York landscape considering they just opened a satellite office there.

Kendra Kramer

Kendra Kramer '18

Major: Communication

Internship Host: South Florida Museum

Project: Kendra interned at the South Florida Museum in Bradenton FL. The South Florida Museum is a privately owned nonprofit that educates the public through their museum, aquarium and planetarium. Kendra was able to work with Snooty, the world's oldest manatee who turned 69 during the internship. Kendra was responsible for coordinating a citywide community outreach festival for Snooty's birthday.  

Katie Lents

Katie Lents '18

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Live Nation

Project: Katie had the opportunity to intern with the sponsorship department of Live Nation in Indianapolis. Live Nation is the global leader in live entertainment. She managed eight sponsorship accounts, both locally and nationally, and was responsible for fulfilling their sponsorship agreements with Live Nation. She also implemented sponsorship promotions and tracked the sponsor's media coverage regarding Live Nation. She compiled client investment recaps at the end of the summer to present to Live Nation's sponsors in hopes to renew their contracts.

Ryan Magruder

Ryan Magruder '18

Major: Economics

Internship Host: River Ridge Commerce Center

Project: Ryan worked as a Business Development Intern with the River Ridge Commerce Center in Jeffersonville, IN. The River Ridge Commerce Center is a statutorily created, governmental reuse agency charged with redeveloping 6,000 acres of a former Army Ammunition Plant. Ryan conducted a labor market study of the Louisville/Jefferson County, KY-IN Metropolitan Statistical Area in order to identify the demographic profile and availability of workers in key industries. He also drafted a Request for Proposal for a crucial construction contract and increased the effectiveness of an ad campaign by implementing search engine optimization techniques.

Noah Marks

Noah Marks '18

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Colonial Life

Project: Noah interned with Colonial Life in Indianapolis in the Keystone area. Colonial Life provides supplemental employee benefits. He helped the company set up appointments with small business around all of Indiana. His internship involved making cold calls and dropping by businesses to try and set up these appointments. He would observe his mentor present Colonial Life's products, and set up a date to enroll the business's employees. He improved his negotiation skills and learned how to be persistent on the phone. He also learned how to set up and conduct professional sales meetings. 

Amy Mattson

Amy Mattson '18

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Habitat for Humanity

Project: Amy was the Event Coordination Intern at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cincinnati. Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that provides affordable housing to families in need through sweat equity and reduced mortgages. Amy planned and executed various events throughout the summer in addition to  countless other tasks. Her main project was Rock the Block, an event which included 300 volunteers repairing 16 different houses and 50 blocks of neighborhood clean-up. She was responsible for the lunch plan, volunteer check in, finding parking options for volunteers and evaluating the event after it was completed. Amy notes that working for Habitat for Humanity was a very rewarding experience for her and that the best part was getting to interact with the hardworking families.  

Hannah McElroy

Hannah McElroy '18

Major: Elementary Education

Internship Host: Make-A-Wish

Project: As a Wish Program Intern for the Kentucky Chapter of Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, Hannah assisted in the wish-granting process. During the duration of her internship, Hannah was given the opportunity to grant approximately 25 wishes and assist in numerous other wishes. These wishes ranged from guitars, trips to Disney World, and meeting celebrities. Hannah also learned about the structure of a nonprofit organization and about facets of the organization including fundraising and leadership roles. She loved her internship and recommends this organization to anyone wanting to incorporate children and a business setting.

Wesley McKinney

Wesley McKinney '18

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Perella Weinberg Partners

Project: Wesley interned at Perella Weinberg Partners, an international boutique investment banking and asset management company. Perella Weinberg Partners headquarters are in New York and Wesley interned at the OCIO headquarters in Denver, CO. The award winning OCIO platform manages, monitors, and helps grow institution and university endowments. Wesley was placed on the private capital team, giving him a thorough understanding of the investment atmosphere for venture capital, infrastructure, growth equity, energy, and private real estate. Wesley also became adept in generating particular types of financial models.

Julia Miller

Julia Miller '18

Major: Health and Movement Studies

Internship Host: Decatur County Memorial Hospital

Project: Julia interned at Decatur County Memorial Hospital in the dietary department. She had the opportunity to administer nutritional programs and plans. Some of her responsibilities included: counseling individuals, advising on healthy eating, observing the food service operations, determining diet restrictions, updating dietary information sheets, and promoting nutritional principles. She was a part of many Diabetes Support Group classes and Health Fairs that included comprehensive blood and health screenings, blood drives, and promoted healthy choices.  

Bay Lee Mitchell

Bay Lee Mitchell '18

Major: Kinesiology

Internship Host: Children's TherAplay Foundation

Project: BayLee worked with Children's TherAplay Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that provides equine assisted physical and occupational therapies to children with special needs. BayLee's role at TherAplay focused on assisting the staff in all areas of the facility including supporting therapists during therapy sessions, completing several assigned projects such as soliciting donated items for the Hoe-Down silent auction (TherAplay's signature fundraiser), and participating in the planning, organizing and completion of programs and events hosted throughout the summer. 

Allison Montgomery

Allison Montgomery '18

Major: Biology

Internship Host: Easterseals Rehabilitation Center

Project: Easterseals Rehabilitation Center works to change the way our community defines and views disability by providing a variety of services to assist in the everyday lives of individuals with disabilities. As a Human Resources Specialist intern, Allison created and maintained a LinkedIn Company Page (as well as recruiting techniques using LinkedIn), performed reference and background checks, and created marketing materials to assist in recruiting efforts. In addition, Allison created an streamlined employee orientation proposal that is going through the implementation process. 

Shelby Moore

Shelby Moore '18

Major: Political Science

Internship Host: One Southern Indiana

Project: Shelby interned for One Southern Indiana, the Chamber of Commerce and economic development organization for Clark and Floyd County. She had the unique position of Strategic Planning Intern and researched business and community needs during the region's time of growth. She utilized her liberal arts education while also working to help pass pro-business legislation at the local level. Since One Southern Indiana is a non-profit serving businesses, Shelby gained experience in supporting many different businesses with initial and continued success as well as the leadership and implementation skills needed to make it happen.

Morgan Neighbors

Morgan Neighbors '18

Major: Psychology

Internship Host: Masterbrand Cabinets

Project: Morgan interned in Jasper, Indiana at Masterbrand Cabinets in the Channel Marketing department. Masterbrand Cabinets is the largest cabinet manufacturer in North America and operates under their parent company, Fortune Brands. Morgan was responsible for developing a series of eLearning courses that will be used by dealers and sales reps across the many brands that Masterbrand carries. She developed valuable skills in Articulate Storyline, Excel and PowerPoint that will greatly benefit her in the future as she continues in the marketing industry. 

Casey Pennell

Casey Pennell '18

Major: Art & Design

Internship Host: Indianapolis Business Journal

Project: Casey interned with the Indianapolis Business Journal. They are a small publications company located in downtown Indianapolis. Casey designed new covers for the future line of magazines as well as city project posters. Designing for a strong publications company gave Casey the opportunity to send her digital and physical work out into the world.

Mikala Poe

Mikala Poe '18

Major: Kinesiology & Integrated Physiology

Internship Host: Indiana Fitness Works

Project: Mikala completed her internship with Indiana Fitness Works, a group that houses physical, occupational, and speech therapists in a variety of inpatient facilities all around Indiana. Mikala completed various tasks every day from helping with therapy sessions to shadowing therapists as they did evaluations. Mikala created a weekly cooking group where she led and engaged patients in cooking their favorite meals and desserts.

Elliot Prickel

Elliot Prickel '18

Major: Environmental Geology

Internship Host: Indiana Department of Environmental Managements

Project: Elliot interned for the Indiana Department of Environmental Managements or IDEM as a permitting intern. He was stationed at the downtown Indianapolis headquarters. Elliot was responsible for processing and completing permits for Indiana businesses planning to build and expand. He also attended workshops and training sessions for newly hired employees. At the end of his internship he helped with the beginning stages of the creation of a state search database. Elliot was able to explore a future career path and gain valuable experience about the environmental industry.

 Zoe Ray

Zoe Ray '18

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Martindale Brightwood

Project: Zoe interned at a Not-for-Profit Organization, Martindale Brightwood Community Development Corporation (MBCDC) in Indianapolis, IN as a Business Development Intern. MBCDC is a catalyst in the sustainable development of the community through affordable housing, economic development, and environmental justice. Zoe spent most of her time attending meetings with other NPO's and community groups, identifying partnerships and potential partnerships within the community, public financial literacy workshops and networking. Grant writing was her most important task, advocating for financial literacy, homeownership, urban farming, and corporate sponsorship. 

Joe Rector

Joe Rector '18

Major: Biology

Internship Hosts:Thomas More College Biology Field Station

Projects: Joe was an intern at the Thomas More College Biology Field Station, located on the Ohio River in California, Kentucky. The Field Station works closely with federal, state, and local authorities to monitor water quality, conduct biological research, and provide ecological outreach programs for people of all ages. Joe worked on the River Crew, which for the past 46 summers has conducted a bioassessment of the river around two coal burning power plants located near the station using the fish assemblages as indicators of river health. Joe also worked with the River Crew to create a research report based on their findings. In addition to River Crew duties, Joe conducted his own independent research on zebra mussels throughout the summer. 

Matteo Rigoni

Matteo Rigoni '18

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Probo Medical

Project: Matteo was a sales and marketing intern at Probo Medical. Probo is an ultrasound equipment wholesaler and refurbishing company headquartered in Fishers, IN. The company has one of the largest inventory in the industry (over 4,000 probes and systems) which allows them to provide high-quality equipment to the healthcare community world wide. Matteo's focus was on sales and proactive business development. He was responsible  for expanding the company's presence in the Mediterranean area and Europe, through lead generation and sales. He was able to add over 150 leads to the network and bring new business to Probo, closing multiple sales.

Emily Riley

Emily Riley '18

Major: Math

Internship Host: MainSource Financial Group

Project: Emily interned for MainSource Financial Group, a mid-western bank group headquartered in Greensburg, IN. She worked in the Loan Operations Department where every loan is received and processed. Emily was responsible for configuring consumer loans as well as assisting with mergers when needed. She learned much about the loan process in addition to the process of acquiring and selling banks.

Chance Rogers

Chance Rogers '18

Major: History

Internship Host: Cintas

Project: Chance interned with Cintas at the Lexington, KY location. Cintas is a six billion dollar a year company with over 400 locations and headquarters in Cincinnati. They are a uniform and facility services rental company with uniforms being the primary source of revenue. Chance's main project for the summer was developing strategies to reduce overtime on the newly acquired University of Kentucky hospital scrubs account.     

Tony Rogers 

Tony Rogers '18

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Northwestern Mutual

Project: Tony interned at Northwestern Mutual in Fishers, IN. Northwestern Mutual is an insurance and investments company that focuses on savings and wealth management for people in all financial brackets. Tony played the role of a financial representative making phone calls, setting initial  meetings and closing meetings, and doing joint work with other full time financial reps in his office to help better learn the industry in a hands on manner. 

Daniel Sanabria

Daniel Sanabria '18

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Rawle Murdy

Project: Rawle Murdy is an integrated brand industry with clients in real estate, travel and tourism, restaurants and retail, community relations and much more. Daniel's main project as a Digital Marketing Intern was to work with Charleston Public Transport - He analyzed user feedback from the current site, identified issues and areas on which to focus. He also developed a marketing brief where the goals of the project were identified, designed ad copies, worked on SEO development, and with social media and google ad design and creation.

John Scheil

John Scheil '18

Major: Economics

Internship Host: One Southern Indiana

Project: John worked for One Southern Indiana, the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development corporation for Clark and Floyd Counties in Indiana. He worked with the Business Resources team to update their database and make information and data mor accessible. He also helped to advocate the Regional Cities to the surrounding counties so that they could apply for state funds and spark economic growth in the community. He continued to progress his networking skills in a professional environment while interning with One Southern Indiana. 


Abbey Schulz

Abbey Schulz '18

Major: Social Justice and Inequality

Internship Host: Indiana Disability Rights

Project: Abigael interned with Indiana Disability Rights (IDR) in Indianapolis. IDR is an independent state agency whose mission is to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities through advocacy and empowerment. Abigael spent the summer as a communication intern researching the most effective mechanisms to reach the broadest audience across social media platforms. She also organized a voting booth at the Self-Advocates of Indiana picnic.  

Jack Shine

Jack Shine '18

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Samtec

Project: Jack interned at Samtec, a micro-connector and manufacturing company located in New Albany, IN. Jack gathered research on the automotive industry to understand how Samtec could make advances in the industry. He was also put in charge of aiding in the research of the redesign of their co-op program.

Drew Shoemaker

Drew Shoemaker '18

Major: Political Science

Internship Host: Lexington Fayette Urban County Government

Project: Drew interned at Cook Performance, a physical training facility in Batesville, Indiana. Drew trained clients in addition to learning how to start and grow a small business. Along with training clients, Drew programmed the workouts for the clients who ranged from 10 years old to 70 years old and were from a variety of backgrounds. Some of the clients were athletes and others were people just looking to get into shape.

Stephanie Simpson

Stephanie Simpson '18

Major: Art

Internship Host: Ali Center

Project: Stephanie's Graphic Design Internship consisted of making promotional material for The Ali Festival and The Ali Center Museum. She worked alongside the Communications Department creating web and print advertisements for the Center's events and exhibits. She also created additional graphics to be included at events for visual purposes.

Sam Skipper

Sam Skipper '18

Major: Political Science

Internship Host: Earth Charter Indiana

Project: Sam Interned with Earth Charter Indiana, a non-for-profit based in Indianapolis. Sam was a part of a team working with municipal governments across Indiana including Fort Wayne, Lawrence, Muncie, Gary, Columbus, and Indianapolis to pass climate resolutions. Earth Charter Indiana also hosts climate education events which Sam helped organize and facilitate. His time with Earth Charter Indiana taught him communication, organization, and networking skills by working with donors, city governments, and event planners.

 Alex Smallwood

Alex Smallwood '18

Major: Spanish

Internship Host: Liberty Mutual

Project: Alex interned in the Sales Department of Liberty Mutual Insurance in Lexington, KY.  His was a liaison for a sales representative and gathered critical information from customers. The information was used to coordinate the best coverage and policies for the household.

Colin Smith

Colin Smith '18

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Intelligrated

Project: Colin worked at Intelligrated located in Mason, Ohio. Intelligrated is an engineering based company that designs, manufactures, and sells conveyor belts. Colin worked in the Commercial Operations and Strategy Department. His main project consisted of the creation and production of "E-Learning Videos" for the Sales Department, to help them understand and navigate through  

Colton Snodgrass

Colton Snodgrass '18

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Ready2Go Office Furniture

Project: Colton interned at Ready2Go Office furniture in Indianapolis, IN. He assisted in rebranding the company to iSpace Office Interiors. The main goal of the project was to develop marketing materials by creating a new website, branding leave behind items, and developing informational handouts. Colton worked with marketing companies, sales representatives, and multiple CRM companies to complete the project.

Shane Spicer

Shane Spicer '18

Major: Political Science

Internship Host: Minute Mixology

Project: Minute Mixology is a brand new start up that sells single-serve cocktail mixers in a stick pack. Shane was in charge of weekly demos at local liquor stores, using social media, reaching out to future potential customers, and finding potential accounts and partners for events. Shane sold an average of 3-4 units a week at the demos, lined up two future accounts, and boosted the social media presence of Minute Mixology. 

Casey Virgin

Casey Virgin '18

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Indiana Pacers

Project: Casey was the corporate ticket sales intern for the Indiana Pacers in Indianapolis. Casey mainly worked on excel files for the Corporate Sales Team. He would gather information about certain companies to be used for scheduling meetings with prospective clients. Casey was able to gain knowledge on what goes on behind the scenes of ticket sales within the sports industry

Daria Volker

Daria Volker '18

Major: Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology

Internship Host: Cook Performance and Momentum Physical Therapy

Project: Daria interned with both Cook Performance and Momentum Physical Therapy in Batesville, IN, and Lawrenceburg, IN, respectively.  Daria helped with program workouts for clients ranging from age 10 to 70 years old, lead the clients through the training sessions while simultaneously holding conversation with them, and scheduling training time slots for clients.  In addition, she also learned how to keep a small business running with limited staff to work with.  At Momentum Physical Therapy, Daria shadowed Michael Del Re, DPT.  She not only learned how to lead patients through their exercises that are prescribed by the doctors, but she learned why each exercise is beneficial to the patient and what physiological changes are made to the body. Together, these two internships helped solidify her career path interest of becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy. 

Mitch Walrod

Mitch Walrod '18

Major: Communication

Internship Host: theChive and William Murray Golf

Project: Mitch worked for both theCHIVE and William Murray Golf in Austin, Texas. For theCHIVE, Mitch's main role was to serve as an interim office manager. Also, Mitch helped with the research for the newly launched sports show theCHIVE started called The Underdog. 

At William Murray Golf, Mitch was a marketing intern. He took pictures of clothing products and posted them to their social media accounts, and he worked on photoshoots while also being a fitting model for the Fall' 17 clothing line. Mitch learned about golfers that WMG sponsors and researched other golfers that WMG could sponsor in the future.

Jose Zapata

Jose Zapata '18

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Accredited Wealth Management

Project: Jose interned with Accredited Wealth Management in Louisville, KY. Accredited Wealth Management is a small independent wealth management firm that offers fiduciary investment and financial planning services to the Louisville area and around the country. Jose spent the summer conducting marketing research and marketing. Jose's internship provided him with a thorough understanding of the investment world and taught him many of the complexities of managing a self-owned business.