Business Scholars Program

Project-Based Internship Placements - Summer 2015

Jake Allgood '16

Major: Geology

Internship Host: Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection

Project: Jake interned for the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection where he worked alongside Water and Waste Management field inspectors as well as geologists. He gained insight on state hazardous waste, solid waste, and water regulations for large firms around Louisville including Ford, Four Roses, Waste Management, and Louisville Water. His duties included conducting inspections on tire retailers to help decrease the amount of illegal dumping throughout Louisville.

Saxton Archer '16

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Office H20

Project: Office H2O is a small startup company whose goal is to replace bottled water coolers with greener, more advanced bottle-less water systems. Saxton worked as an Account Executive and was in charge of finding new business and managing those accounts. He learned about the entire sales process for a business to business product and gained experience in helping run a new startup business. This benefited Saxton greatly as he hopes to run his own business in the future.

Kyle Babb '16

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Remy International, Inc.

Project: Remy International, Inc. is a manufacturer, remanufacturer, and distributor of light duty starters, alternators and hybrid technology, as well as heavy duty systems. At Remy, Kyle worked as a finance intern in the US accounting department and the technical accounting department. He assisted in running depreciation for Remy's global fixed assets, created a product line allocation table as well as standardizing all of the Internship Host's journal descriptions.

Blake Babbitt '16

Major: Political Science

Internship Host: Indiana Secretary of State Office

Project: Blake interned for the Indiana Secretary of State's Office Business Services Division. His work consisted of reviewing the current trademark system (database and application) in Indiana and then compared and contrasted that system with those of other states. Blake went on to develop questions based on his research to ask other states and then complied that specific data. He also created a document identifying differences in other states' trademark applications in relation to Indiana's application. Finally, Blake met with the Director of the Business Services Division and the Secretary of State to report his findings and give recommendations on what steps Indiana needs to make to improve their application process. Blake's work involved a combination of legal, manual process, and technical analysis.

Caleb Ball '16

Major: International Studies

Internship Host: FUGE Camps

Project: Caleb worked for FUGE Camps at their Glorieta, New Mexico location. FUGE is a Christian youth program providing week-long camps which focus on discipleship, relationship-building, and often high-adventure activities. Caleb created and taught lessons based on the Bible and facilitated other tasks including overseeing high adventure activities and being a lighting director in on-stage production. Thousands of students were impacted this summer through his team's work.

Madelaine Berry '16

Major: Political Science

Internship Host: National Coalition against Domestic Violence (NCADV)

Project: Madelaine interned in Denver, Colorado at the National Coalition against Domestic Violence (NCADV). NCADV serves as a voice for victims of domestic violence, helps implement policies that better serve the needs of victims, and educates the public on the issue. Madelaine assisted in planning events and toolkits for Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM), which is in October. She also worked on the annual Remember My Name project and a project funded by Verizon Wireless wanting to educate the public about male victims of domestic violence.

Evan Bingham '16

Major: Mathematics

Internship Host: Deyta, LLC

Project: Deyta, LLC is a recognized leader in satisfaction and clinical quality assurance for home health and hospice agencies across the country. Deyta provides improved operational efficiency, assured CMS compliance, and allows healthcare leaders to make improved decisions to provide better health care for all. Evan was responsible for daily operational tasks to help out other employees at Deyta. Evan also worked closely with Deyta's Director of Data Analytics to create a dashboard to evaluate client trends.

Nicole Blevins '16

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Bedel Financial Consulting, Inc.

Project: Nicole was an Investment Team Intern at Bedel Financial Consulting, Inc. This is a financial consulting business founded, owned, and operated by Hanover graduate Elaine Bedel. At Bedel Financial, Nicole was responsible for creating a socially responsible buy list for the company to offer to their clients, as well as help get an automated account balancing system up and running for their smaller clients. In addition, she helped with other tasks including providing summaries of webcasts and transferring hard copy files into electronic ones.

Clinton Bly '16

Major: Mathematics

Internship Host: New York Life

Project: Clinton interned at the Fort Wayne, Indiana New York Life office. His main project was to gain knowledge about the Life Insurance business in order to provide new ideas regarding how to connect insurance agents to prospective clients. This required attending daily training sessions to gain insight about current methods and techniques for gaining new clients.

Kay Branham '16

Major: Spanish

Internship Host: First Fruits Garden

Project: First Fruits Garden is a non-profit organization that provides a template for people interested in starting community gardens and donates ten percent of their produce to local food pantries. Kay created a social media presence for the organization, was responsible for updating the website, and made connections with potential clients who were interested in community gardening. She also translated the website to Spanish in order to appeal to the Hispanic community, essentially developing a start-up organization and expanding the gardening network in the Indianapolis area.

Fabienne Brauns '16

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Styligion

Project: Fabienne interned with the e-boutique Styligion. Styligion now supplies more than 30 selected designers from all over the world and supplies its products in more than 180 countries with main target markets in the United States, Australia, UK, Germany, and Italy. Fabienne worked within the marketing department with specific focus on social media (Instagram and Facebook) and collaborations with Amazon. With Fabienne's help, social media accounts increased in the number of followers. In addition, purchases linked to social media sides also increased..

Matthew Brown '16

Major: Psychology

Internship Host: Key Benefit Administrators

Project: KBA is a medical insurance company that provides group employee benefit plans to employers. Matthew worked with the Human Resources department to document and compare all HR procedures from both company offices. He shadowed each HR team member to document how that member completes their specific tasks and created a word document to create efficient, unified procedures to ensure consistency within the department. The document Matthew created was reviewed, approved, and is now used as a guide to ensure consistency from each team member and for training new HR team members.

Nick Brunner '16

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Perella Weinberg Partners

Project: Nick's internship was with Perella Weinberg Partners. Nick was responsible for daily tasks with other team members such as summarizing key points from meetings with investment fund teams. He also tracked changes with current funds through online research and conference calls. Additionally, Nick was assigned projects which involved researching Chinese equity strategies, strategies investing in commodities, and creating a master list of indices' returns linked to a Bloomberg Terminal.

Mary Clanton '16

Major: International Studies

Internship Host: The Athenaeum Foundation

Project: Mary was involved in event planning this summer with The Athenaeum Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that 'preserves and enhances its historic German American landmark to advance the Sound Mind in a Sound Body values of its founders through programming that lifts and engages in diverse communities.' She attended meetings to discuss event setup as well as profitable ventures and marketing techniques. She made calls and wrote letters to potential donors to ask for in-kind donations for the events. Mary's major accomplishments were the completion of two major events - Summer Soiree and German Fest. Both events were well attended, and she was able to see the value of her contributions.

Megan Collins '16

Major: Kinesiology & Integrative Physiology

Internship Host: The Episcopal Church Home

Project: Megan interned with the Human Resources Department at the Episcopal Church Home, a faith-filled senior living community, in Louisville, Kentucky. In addition to assisting with the daily operations of the department, Megan completed two projects for the Home. The first was a Job Description Revision Project, where she revised and updated every job description within the organization. The second was a Performance Evaluation Revision Project, where she converted the Home's evaluations into an electronic version that focuses on and encourages employee development.

Megan Davenport '16

Major: Economics

Internship Host: PNC Bank

Project: Meagan interned with PNC Bank in the retail line of business. Her main purpose was to learn the different types of retail positions. She spent most of her time observing over 30 branches and interviewing retail employees. Meagan engaged every customer as they walked in the branches to determine their financial needs. She also participated in training sessions to help understand the products and services that PNC has to offer.

Alli Deaton '16

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Hilliard Lyons

Project: Alli interned at the bond underwriting desk at Hilliard Lyons in Carmel, Indiana. She was responsible for order tickets, creating and sending out the weekly calendar and updating a database to keep new deals organized. Her main project was to find the top 25 Indiana municipal bonds and to compile the information for future reference.

Liz Dessauer '16

Major: Political Science

Internship Host: Cremer & Cremer

Project: Liz interned at Cremer & Cremer, an estate planning and probate law firm in downtown Indianapolis. Most of her work consisted of estate planning and estate opening. She revised wills and powers of attorney, wrote all the documents required to open an estate, communicated with clients, attorneys and judges, and filed petitions and orders at the courthouse.

Abby Dunigan '16

Major: Sociology

Internship Host: Evansville Vanderburgh County Juvenile Court

Project: Abby interned with the Evansville Vanderburgh County Juvenile Court. She specifically worked with their Drug Court, co-conducting weekly support groups, as well as interviewing and assessing court-referred individuals. Her tasks also included administering drug tests, being a mentor to youths in the program, and frequently attending court. Abby found her experiences working with Drug Court rewarding and she was grateful for the chance to help others.

Rachel Effinger '16

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Old Friends

Project: Rachel was an intern for Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement Farm. She created several databases, marketed Old Friends at events, and helped with various daily tasks. She worked one on one with guests and shared Old Friend's mission.

Drew Elston '16

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Right On Interactive

Project: Drew worked at Right On Interactive as their sales & partnership intern. Drew was responsible for managing Right On Interactive's social media accounts, developing and qualifying leads, and aiding in their inbound marketing efforts. Drew's biggest project throughout his internship was helping the leadership team develop potential customers through their new Ebook about their Lifecycle Marketing Software.

Emily Evans '16

Major: Philosophy

Internship Host: Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA),

Project: Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) is a sector of the State House in Indianapolis. The IHCDA vision is to create housing opportunities for low income families in Indiana. Emily interned in the Weatherization sector of their community programs. Emily's main focus was to research and study best practices from other states to help the program reach its full potential before the funding is expanded in October to all 23 sub-grantees around the state. Emily was involved in various projects such as researching and creating a brochure that will be used to help educate clients on what makes their home healthy. She also created a marketing video that will be used in the future to seek out more partners.

Stephen Farrow '16

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Eventualities

Project: Eventualities is an event planning company based out of Louisville, Kentucky. The company is involved in product rollout, ground breakings, grand openings, fund raisers, galas, community events, and custom décor design and production entertainment. Stephen was the marketing intern and was given the task of helping with event set-up in addition to building a larger clientele base by approaching local businesses. Stephen saw success by having potential clients call Eventualities requesting more information on event planning.

Alli Ford '16

Major: Chemistry

Internship Host: LG&E KU

Project: Allison interned at LG&E KU at the KU Ghent plant in their station lab. KU is a coal-firing power plant that provides electricity to 77 counties in Kentucky. She was responsible for collecting samples from sites throughout the plant and running chemical analysis tests to determine the efficiency and performance. The analysis Allison conducted included pH, conductivity, titrations, and spectroscopy. With the analysis, she was able to make adjustments to the chemicals that were in the system in addition to mechanical adjustments. Allison was able to learn about how electricity is produced, the environmental regulation systems that help protect the air, and that the steam emitted from the stacks is pure water and not a pollutant.

Alex Forward '16

Major: Elementary Education

Internship Host: Heritage Fund - the Bartholomew County Community Foundation

Project: Alex was a member of the team created to market the name and logo of Engage Columbus via social media, particularly by holding a Love Where You Live Challenge on Facebook that would require participants to become more involved in the Columbus community. The Love Where You Live Challenge became Alex's responsibility for the summer. She assisted in the pre-planning, implemented the six week long event, created ads, tracked participants, analyzed the data, and assisted in the event planning of the final celebration. She also had the opportunity to advertise and discuss the Challenge on the radio as well as present to Heritage Fund's board member her findings on whether social media marketing was a successful way to market this program.

Hanna Foster '16

Major: Kinesiology & Integrative Physiology

Internship Host: Spire Wellness

Project: Spire Wellness is a corporate wellness provider that works with local and global companies to improve the health and wellness of their employees by setting goals developed from analyzing insurance claims. During Hanna's time at Spire, she worked in the operations and marketing areas of the business. She was able to use her knowledge of the health field to develop new programs such as peer coaching and a kitchen review. Hanna was also responsible for managing Spire's social media platforms, filling in for personal trainers and creating presentations on health topics.

Meghan Fox '16

Major: Kinesiology & Integrative Physiology

Internship Host: Cornerstone Autism Foundation

Project: Cornerstone works with children between the ages of 18 months-18 years and practices a technique known as ABA therapy, or applied behavioral analysis therapy. Meghan spent her time acting as a therapist within the center. She worked one-on-one with a client putting ABA therapy into practice to increase desired behaviors of the client and decrease problem behaviors. Meghan loved being able to see the progress her client made throughout the summer!

Ben Franke '16

Major: Health and Movement Studies

Internship Host: Columbus Running Company (CRC)

Project: Columbus Running Company (CRC) is a running store/timing service that caters to the needs of experienced runners and interested beginners. Ben spent time on the sales floor, worked with the race crew timing local races, and transferred inventory to all four stores. Ben also worked with special programs like CRC grasshopper (a youth run club) and CRC XC camp.

Erica Gansbauer '16

Major: English

Internship Host: Madison Main Street Association

Project: Erica helped rebrand the Main Street Association in Madison, IN and assisted the organization with becoming more current while maintaining historic values. She assisted in the building of their new website and planned the 40th Anniversary Celebration for the organization which included programming, contracting, and marketing.

Brittany Gingerich '16

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Lowry Park Zoo

Project: Brittany was involved in Marketing, Sales, Promotion, and Event Planning with the Lowry Park Zoo. She supervised two other interns and worked closely with the staff to conduct demographic research on the surrounding areas and target markets in order to establish a marketing plan with the greatest impact outside the Tampa Bay metropolitan area. She also helped partner with other businesses and organizations including local hotel chains, AAA locations, and Recreational Vehicle dealerships to promote the zoo, distribute marketing materials, and follow up weekly with final ticket sale numbers based on projections. Brittany worked to bring the company a fresh perspective that will help market to the younger generation as the nation's #1 children's zoo and facilitate numerous discussions regarding ways that people can help improve the world's wildlife conservation efforts.

Francis Grant '16

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Madison Consolidated School Corporation

Project: The main objectives of Francis' internship were to assist Quantum marketing agency with the creation of a new school website, collect contact information towards building an alumni association and to research the optimal customer relations management software to handle the alumni association. During this new and exciting experience, Francis also developed important social skills which helped him improve his ability to communicate, interact and work with colleagues in a workplace setting as well as relate to the numerous stakeholders of the Madison Consolidated School Corporation. Francis made many connections in the local community during this process in addition to acting as a bridge between the college and the Madison Consolidated School Corporation.

Megan Hackman '16

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Hackman Family Farm Market

Project: Megan interned at Hackman Family Farm Market, a small business started by her family. The farm raises 45 acres of homegrown produce to help feed her local community as well as wholesale markets. Megan worked on opening a second location in Salem, Indiana to accompany the first location in Vallonia, Indiana. She worked on creating advertisements in local newspapers, radio stations, as well as on social media. Megan also used extensive management skills when organizing the growing staff. With the help of her family she finished another successful growing season and reports show that the second location is thriving.

Alex Hanke '16

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Boneyard Grill

Project: Alex interned with the popular local bar and restaurant, Boneyard Grill, in Madison, Indiana. This restaurant contains an open grill, kitchen, full bar, and an event area with extensive seating. He worked closely with the owners to learn both the financial and day-to-day aspects of running a restaurant and gained practical experience in shift management, recording inventories, event planning and catering. Alex's internship gave him real world experience so he could apply that to the Shoebox, the on campus restaurant where he was the Operations Manager during his senior year.

Alison Hanlein '16

Major: Psychology

Internship Host: Kentucky Refugee Ministries

Project: Kentucky Refugee Ministries (KRM) provides comprehensive services to refugees settling in the Louisville area. Alison participated in both the Mental Health Office and Elder Programs. In Mental Health, Alison's primary job was to assist clients in locating proper mental health services and accompanying them to their first few appointments to act as an advocate for them. Alison also helped teach ESL to elderly refugees trying to earn their citizenship in the Elder Program. Her internship was a truly meaningful experience, which she recommends to anyone interested in human service careers.

Hannah Hart '16

Major: Biochemistry

Internship Host: The Seton Foundations

Project: The Seton Foundations is a non-profit organization in Central Texas that operates in the healthcare industry and seeks to improve access and quality of care to all members of the communities they serve. Hannah interned with the Seton Fund, a part of the Seton Foundations that oversees fundraising for the Seton Family hospitals located in Austin, TX. She worked primarily on projects supporting the capital campaign for the new teaching hospital being built downtown, but she also completed several projects for other upcoming fundraising events. Much of her work included compiling prospect lists and information, conducting research, and generating creative presentations of data.

Maddie Hartman '16

Major: Chemistry

Internship Host: King's Daughters Medical Center

Project: Maddie interned at King's Daughters' Hospital in the pathology lab. Maddie had the opportunity to stain tissue, coverslip slides, and observe dissections of human tissue on a daily basis. She learned how cancers develop and how to determine what stage a particular cancer is in. Maddie also sat in on two autopsies. Many times Maddie was confronted with problem-solving such as a type of cancer that needed to be identified. She was able to intern with several different positions within the lab and gain experience in several different areas.

Will Hawkins '16

Major: Health and Movement Studies

Internship Host: Circle City Chiropractic

Project: Will interned for Circle City Chiropractic in Fishers, Indiana. While employed at the practice, Will worked in the therapy bay, where he provided electrical stimulation therapy to patients. He also performed ultrasound and diathermy on patients in addition to being responsible for the upkeep of the therapy bay. This internship helped Will make the decision to apply to graduate school and become a chiropractor.

Eric Haywood '16

Major: Communication

Internship Host: On Your Dock Detailing

Project: On Your Dock Detailing was founded in 2004 by students at Noblesville High School as a way to finance their college educations. Over the past 10 years the company has provided affordable boat detailing services to Central Indiana boaters. Eric was responsible for the management and completion of close to 100 jobs. The internship taught Eric many entrepreneurial skills and provided the experience of running a small service business.

Burke Herr '16

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Eyedart Creative Studio

Project: Burke was a marketing and research intern at Eyedart Creative Studio. This marketing and communications business, located in his hometown of Goshen, IN offers marketing, advertising, and multimedia design services. Burke worked on projects ranging from data collection and analysis to media buying. He also became involved in his community by volunteering at First Friday events as well as researching the feasibility of re-purposing second story properties downtown.

Maggie Huffer '16

Major: Kinesiology & Integrative Physiology

Internship Host: Restored

Project: Maggie interned at Restored in Indianapolis, a non-profit that provides direct services for female victims of sex trafficking in Indiana. Maggie worked as the assistant to the executive director and worked closely with the director of strategic planning and development. She planned the annual 5K fundraiser, attended meetings, and helped with donor management. In addition, she assisted with social media and event marketing. Maggie mainly took on small projects throughout the summer, but also had the opportunity to meet and support girls who are victims being served by Restored.

Nick Jaeger '16

Major: Geology

Internship Host: Jeff Thompson and Sons Oil Production

Project: Jeff Thompson and Sons Oil Production is an oil company in Mount Carmel, Illinois. Nick worked directly with the owner while maintaining the wells, pumping units and tank batteries to the Department of Natural Resources' and Jeff Thompson's standards. Nick gained valuable experience in the basics of the oil industry and learned how the industry is regulated.

Samantha Johnson '16

Major: Chemistry

Internship Host: Make-A-Wish

Project: As a Wish Program Intern for the Kentucky Chapter of Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, Samantha assisted in the wish-granting process. During the duration of her internship, Samantha was given the opportunity to grant individual children's wishes and was able to gain experience in other departments of the foundation. She also learned about the structure of a nonprofit organization, while specializing in a particular aspect of Make-A-Wish.

Taylor Johnson '16

Major: Political Science

Internship Host: Digital Now IT

Project: Taylor used his web development position at the Harrison County Chamber of Commerce to springboard the launch of his own company. Digital Now IT is a technology consulting firm that assesses, develops, and maintains the technological aspects of operations for small businesses and non-profits. Throughout the summer, Taylor focused on structuring the business and getting preliminary clients to help fund the venture. At the end of the summer, Digital Now IT had 21 active customers and $15,000 in revenue.

Taylor Kashman '16

Major: Sociology

Internship Host: Mid City Redevelopment Alliance, Inc.

Project: Taylor completed her internship at Mid City Redevelopment Alliance, Inc. located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. MCRA is a non-profit organization run by Baton Rouge General Hospital helping the Mid City area check and/or fix personal credit as well as find affordable housing. Taylor worked closely with the Community investment team to find and support local artists that would promote the growth of the Mid City area. Taylor helped her community investment leader and the head architect professor at LSU put together "Coffee on the Porch" which was held on the historic front porch of Baton Rouge Fire House #1. Over the summer, Taylor's internship consisted of cold calling Mid City merchants, promoting local events for businesses and artists, and getting her hands dirty helping to build some of the equipment needed for "Coffee on the Porch."

Caitlyn Kennedy '16

Major: Art History

Internship Host: The American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Project: Caitlyn interned at The American School of Classical Studies at Athens, an educational non-profit organization that focuses on the study of the Greek world from antiquity to present day. The American School promotes archaeological fieldwork and academic study. While at the American School, Caitlyn worked as an archival administrator. Her main project at the ASCSA was to digitize historical records for archival purposes. She was also responsible for the reorganization of the ASCSA's filing system. In addition, she took on the role of a social media coordinator, creating the ASCSA's presence on Instagram and Twitter.

Stacey Krumpelman '16

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Vivid Marketing

Project: Stacey's internship was at Vivid Marketing, an outsource sales and marketing firm in Baltimore, Maryland. Stacey held various job responsibilities including being a sales representative building her own team. Stacey interviewed prospective employees, trained new hires, and conducted various office responsibilities. She was thrilled by all the transferable skills she was able to acquire while working at Vivid; she remained in the top three of sales for the duration of her internship.

Katie Laughlin '16

Major: English

Internship Hosts: Webster Public Relations

Project: Webster Public Relations creates and maintains the publicity and marketing campaigns of musicians in Nashville, TN. Clients include Hank Williams Jr., Dolly Parton, Sam Moore, Kid Rock, and Kenny G. As an intern, Katie worked under her mentor to create media lists and pitch artist interview ideas to local, regional, and national press outlets. Her most successful pitch was to Chicago's largest newspaper, The Chicago Tribune.

Nikki Lewis '16

Major: Art

Internship Host: Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Project: Nikki interned at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. The ATC is a national not-for-profit corporation assigned to preserve and maintain the Appalachian Trail. Nikki worked closely with the communications and marketing department to photograph both the trail and those using it. Her work with the department also included researching photo archives and capturing and choosing images to best suit a newly developed website, as well as photographing merchandise for the corporation's online store.

Alli Lindenschmidt '16

Major: Communication

Internship Host: St. Vincent Foundation

Project: Alli was an intern at St. Vincent Foundation located in Indianapolis. The Foundation's main mission is to serve the sick and the poor at the Indianapolis St. Vincent Hospital. In order to accomplish this, the Foundation holds numerous fundraisers. Some of Alli's main projects involved event planning and marketing for St. Vincent's biggest fundraisers throughout the year. Her main events were the St. Vincent Cancer Run/Walk Challenge, Suited for Purpose, the annual golf fundraiser and The 2015 Key to the Cure Gala.

Megan Meyer '16

Major: Mathematics

Internship Host: MainSource Bank

Project: Megan interned with the commercial credit underwriting team at MainSource Bank, a community-oriented bank headquartered in Greensburg, Indiana. Her duties included analyzing collateral, financial statements, and aggregate relationships of customers in order to assign a risk rating to each loan. She facilitated meetings with credit management and loan officers to discuss potential loans and assess risks. Megan was assigned several commercial loan deals to write up, including lines of credit and real estate term loans.

Savannah Mitchell '16

Major: Modern Society

Internship Hosts: Enterprise Strategies

Projects: Enterprise Strategies is a boutique management and intranet implementation consultancy. Savannah developed analysis of the company website and internal marketing programs, as well as running all social media accounts and tracking external marketing analytics. Savannah also participated in client calls and meetings, for which she was then able to help produce client deliverables.

Abdul Mohamood '16

Major: International Studies

Internship Host: Water With Blessings

Project: Water with Blessings is a registered 501c non-profit headquartered in Louisville, KY working internationally on clean water programs. Abdul worked with the executive director with fundraising, project design and implementation. He worked with many different organizations regarding the elements required for a successful program abroad. He met with potential donors, mission groups, board members and different media sources to promote Water with Blessings. After his internship Abdul joined a self-funded water project in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. He took part in the Water with Blessings hospital water filtration pilot program, where he worked at San Felipe General Hospital.

Emalee Moore '16

Major: Political Science

Internship Host: Kentucky Refugee Ministries

Project: Emalee interned with the Refugees of the World (ROW) case work office at Kentucky Refugee Ministries in Louisville, Kentucky. Emalee was responsible for assisting case workers in providing the core services delivered to clients within their first 90 days in the US. This includes airport reception, home safety orientations, escorting clients to/from appointments, advocating for clients with limited English skills, maintaining case files, practicing bus routes, and conducting home visits. At the end of her internship, Emalee was hired on staff as a Case Assistant and continues to provide support to the KRM team.

Roxi Morris '16

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Franklin Heritage Inc.

Project: Roxi interned for Franklin Heritage Inc. a historic preservation, non-profit group that operates a historic movie theatre. Roxi participated in promotional photo shoots, but also created a series of video segments advertising upcoming events and movies. In addition, she created material for the website including membership videos as well as updating the website to reflect the organization's current accomplishments. These projects allowed for Franklin Heritage Inc. to expand its promotional strategy to a new medium as well as provide more content for its social media posts.

Andy Nice '16

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Ohio Valley Opportunities

Project: Andy interned in the marketing section at Ohio Valley Opportunities. He worked with logo redesign, promoting the organization in the community, and the organization's social media. Andy worked side-by-side with each section of the organization to develop electronic versions of their annual reports. Andy also helped with the organization of data into new electronic files and any other technological needs.

Courtney Odle '16

Major: Philosophy

Internship Host: Almost Home Humane Society

Project: Courtney interned at the Almost Home Humane Society in Lafayette, IN. She worked closely with the Feline Operations Manager on two projects: the TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) and Barn Cat Programs, which concern feral cats in the surrounding community. The main duties she performed were organizing data and contacting those who needed assistance from these programs. She also worked on adoption follow-ups and staffed events during the summer.

Kellen Otto '16

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Cummins

Project: Kellen's internship was with Cummins Inc., a global power leader that designs, manufactures, distributes and services diesel and natural gas engines and related technologies. He was responsible for organizing a data-loading project for indirect materials for the Light Duty Diesel Finance department. He also worked on his $200 million fixed asset project from the previous two summers with Cummins.

Jackson Pollock '16

Major: Psychology

Internship Host: Vassar and New York Stage and Film's Powerhouse Theater

Project: Jackson was a Company Management intern with Vassar and New York Stage and Film's Powerhouse Theater. NYSAF is a theatre company dedicated to the development of new plays and musicals and the professionals who are involved in the creation of these works. Jackson was part of a team responsible for the Housing and Transportation of guest artists as well as staff and interns. The team organized various Company Events. Notably, he helped foster a sense of community and openness among the group of interns by organizing events outside of the normal daily working environment.

Marissa Ray '16

Major: Psychology

Internship Host: Four County Counseling Center

Project: Marissa interned at Four County Counseling Center. Four County provides a variety of health services to people in the community including individual and group counseling. Marissa interned in various areas of the center but primarily worked with summer school and adult counseling groups. Marissa had the largest impact in the summer schools, where she provided a positive influence in the children's lives and helped them improve their interaction skills.

Jacob Redmond '16

Major: Political Science

Internship Host: Kroger

Project: Jacob interned at Kroger and was responsible for conducting an in-depth analysis of the continually under-performing dairy department. He was tasked by management to work directly with the department to discover inefficiencies and systematic failures. By working closely with store management, Jacob acquired analytical skills, management skills, and useful department experience.

Rachel Regenauer '16

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Indiana State Fair

Project: During her time at the Indiana State Fair, Rachel had a variety of projects to complete in order to help plan events hosted at the fairgrounds. While her title was Program & Exhibits Intern, she was able to gain experience in many areas of event planning, such as graphic design and marketing. Two of her bigger projects were to design all of the signage for the Indiana Brewers' Cup and help plan the Beer & Wine Exhibit.

Jake Reynolds '16

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Office H2O

Project: Jake interned at Office H2O, a water cooler distributer, as an account executive. His main project was to generate new business. This required him to cold call potential clients, set up meetings, and attend said meetings. By the end of the internship, Jake was able to generate nearly $20,000 in new business.

Jared Richardson '16

Major: Psychology

Internship Host: Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection

Project: Jared interned for the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection where he worked alongside Water and Waste Management field inspectors as well as geologists. He gained insight on state hazardous waste, solid waste, and water regulations for large firms around Louisville including Ford, Four Roses, Waste Management, and Louisville Water. His duties included conducting inspections on tire retailers to help decrease the amount of illegal dumping throughout Louisville.

Sarah Schmidt '16

Major: Anthropology

Internship Host: New Hope of Indiana

Project: New Hope of Indiana is a nonprofit organization that serves individuals with disabilities and families involved in the child welfare system in the Indianapolis area. Sarah's most critical project for her internship was creating a booklet for the Board detailing the different types of homes NHI either owns or rents. After presenting her work, the board member who requested the booklet commented that he was impressed with Sarah's work and the booklet surpassed his expectations of what he anticipated receiving.

Courtney Schock '16

Major: Biology

Internship Host: YMCA

Project: Courtney was the Day Camp Site Director at the YMCA in Kettering, Ohio. She managed a team of eight counselors and was responsible for the safety of the children attending the camp. In addition, she planned eleven weeks' worth of activities and field trips for the camp. At the end of the summer camp they had the highest number of children attending in the Greater Dayton area and the fewest number of incidents.

Jack Schoening '16

Major: Economics

Internship Host: CDM Computers

Project: CDM Computers is a small technology company with locations in Indianapolis and Cincinnati. Jack interned at CDM Computers to assist in various areas of marketing and business promotion. He was involved in several tasks throughout the summer but specialized in social media marketing, camp fundraising, and customer interaction. Jack's biggest accomplishments were providing food donations for the two week basic computer camp and also increasing social media traffic and involvement for the duration of his internship.

Hilary Sheets '16

Major: Anthropology

Internship Host: The Rotary Jail Museum

Project: The Rotary Jail Museum located in Crawfordsville, Indiana operated as a jail from 1881-1973 and was transformed into a museum in 1975. It was designed as a maximum security facility and is still able to operate today. Hilary was a docent in additon to working on grant applications and planning fundraisers. Overall, the grant writing process was rewarding and focused on a variety of skills that were necessary in order to complete the application process.

Erika Shepherd '16

Major: Philosophy

Internship Host: Elk Run Golf Club

Project: Erika worked at Elk Run Golf Club which is a semi-private golf club in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Erica helped run golf outings, assisted with sales operations in the golf shop, and changed the look of the golf shop periodically. Erika was proud of her work with the junior golf clinics held throughout the summer.

Rachel Smith '16

Major: Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology

Internship Host: Firebelly

Project: Rachel interned at Firebelly, a social media marketing agency in Broadripple, Indiana. Rachel's role at Firebelly was a diverse one. She worked closely with the Event Director of an event planning organization called Dig IN. The event was A Taste of Indiana, set to occur in late August at White River State Park. It was Rachel's responsibility to provide volunteer support and coordination efforts on the days leading up to the event. On the other end of the spectrum, Rachel researched, prepared and took notes for client meetings. She also worked closely with her supervisor and many of the company's clients to provide quality assurance for client work. Lastly, Rachel took part in multiple social monitoring projects--learning how to monitor keywords and hashtags across social media platforms, as well as helping to develop influencer programs for clients, such as the American Red Cross of Indiana.

Charles Snodgrass '16

Major: Political Science

Internship Host: Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN)

Project: Charles interned for Senator Lamar Alexander on the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee. Over the summer, he worked on a variety of projects with tasks including summarizing reports and researching upcoming legislation. Charles also worked with the education team as they took the Every Child Achieves Act through to the Senate floor and passed it.

Jaron Stiers '16

Major: Chemistry

Internship Host: St. Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital

Project: Jaron interned with St. Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital as a medical records and foundation intern. His main project was to complete a file purge of the hospital's medical records which included back filing the remaining records into a single room. Other tasks completed by Jaron included organizing a celebrity golf tournament which raised money for the St. John's Children Clinic and aiding patients at the hospital by accessing their medical records. He was particularly proud of the procedures and medicines that were available as a result of the money raised by the Children's Clinic Classic.

Lauren Streiff '16

Major: Art

Internship Host: AIT Laboratories

Project: Lauren interned with AIT Laboratories located in Indianapolis. AIT Laboratories is a privately owned business that provides custom toxicology testing. She worked closely with several accountants and the CFO of the company. Throughout the summer, Lauren helped update inventory via physical count of fixed assets, assisted in audit process, and gained knowledge in Microsoft Dynamic GP.

Hannah Taylor '16

Major: Communication

Internship Host: Indiana Office of Tourism Development

Project: During her time as the Communications and Marketing Intern for the Indiana Office of Tourism Development (IOTD), Hannah learned a lot about marketing within the tourism industry. The IOTD is the state tourism office and promotes travel and tourism throughout the state with the "Honest-to-Goodness Indiana" brand. Hannah worked with the social media accounts for Visit Indiana as well as the state wide event, the 2016 Bicentennial Torch Relay. As a result of her work, the twitter account for the torch relay more than tripled its followers. She also traveled to different counties within the state to assist in the planning of the Bicentennial Torch Relay

Alex Taylor '16

Major: Sociology

Internship Host: College Pro

Project: College Pro is a leading entrepreneurial development company based in North America. Alex worked for the company while training as a potential franchise owner. Owners become experts in all aspects of small business operations, and specifically regarding house painting and window cleaning services. The goal is to positively impact local communities through service delivery and development of future leaders.

Kiley Thomas '16

Major: Communication

Internship Host: WISH-TV

Project: Kiley worked at WISH-TV Channel 8 as a news reporting intern. She was out in the field with reporters each day covering local and breaking news, She did everything from interviewing and investigating to producing stories in their entirety on deadline. Kiley covered a variety of stories including a massive city-wide gang sweep, the impact of those who lost everything from flooding and storm damage, and the trial of ex-Subway spokesman Jared Fogle.

Travis Thompson '16

Major: Geology

Internship Host: Jeff Thompson and Sons Oil Production

Project: Travis interned for his father's crude oil company Jeff Thompson and Sons Oil Production, while also managing his own crude oil company Travis Thompson Oil Corp. During Travis' internship he worked directly with the employees of his father's company along with his own company on the human resource side to acquire a better understanding of how to deal with the day-to-day interactions with employees. Travis also delegated and was in charge of a variety of projects along with implementing new technology into the business. One big success during Travis' internship was his increased leadership skills along with being able to become an overall more qualified manager of his own business.

Anni Titchenal '16

Major: Environmental Geology

Internship Host: Rocky Mountain National Park

Project: Anni interned as an Interpretive Ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park during its Centennial Year Celebration. While working for the Division of Interpretation, Anni's responsibilities included: developing and delivering seven weekly interpretive programs, rotating between five information centers, talking with Junior Rangers, and roving (hiking in uniform). As a park interpreter, Anni worked to inspire and inform visitors, both young and old, through her programs and various visitor interactions.

Michael Van Kleunen '16

Major: Political Science

Internship Host: Premium Sealcoat, LLC

Project: Premium Sealcoat, LLC is a corporation that provides a service to protect asphalt driveways and parking lots-both residential and commercial properties. Michael had the opportunity to work in every facet of company operations. His responsibilities included: managing crews, selling to customers/estimating, searching for growth opportunities in the financial statements, and researching technology options to improve the company administrative computer system.

Corbin Wafford '16

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Schneider Electric, Budapest

Project: Corbin worked on the data analysis team for Schneider Electric, an energy sustainability service company in Budapest, Hungary. Corbin worked alongside many full-time analysts and assisted them with projects that involved auditing and data entry, conversion and calculation of data as well as extensive use of Microsoft Excel. He worked with multiple sorts of data with various clients throughout Europe.

Michael Wathen '16

Major: Philosophy

Internship Host: Boy's and Girl's Club

Project: Mike interned at the Boy's and Girl's Club in Madison, IN. His main project was to gain more knowledge about non-profit organizations in order to benefit others. Mike worked with programs and activities in the search for qualified individuals to assist and manage. This included research and collaboration with fellow coworkers and his supervisor. This internship gave Mike the opportunity to improve on his own communication skills as well as his purpose for his own non-profit organization.

Sara Weir '16

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Commission on Public Art (COPA)

Project: Sara interned at the Commission on Public Art (COPA) in Louisville, Kentucky. COPA is a Louisville Metro Government office that focuses on contracting and maintaining art in downtown Louisville. Sara worked alongside Kristin Gilbert learning about urban planning and development. Sara worked on two projects, mapping the public art pieces in downtown Louisville and creating a walking tour of the Louisville Waterfront. At the end of her time at COPA she presented her finished projects to the board of directors.

Brandon Wernert '16

Major: Economics

Internship Host: Main Street Corydon,

Project: Brandon worked as an intern at Main Street Corydon, a non-profit organization focused on the economic development of downtown Corydon, IN. Brandon managed various aspects of the downtown farmers' market including marketing, accounting, and event coordination. He also gained experience in research and analysis as a member of the entrepreneurial committee. Brandon's accomplishments included writing a successful marketing grant and obtaining SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) certification for the farmers' market.

Justin Winkler '16

Major: Biochemistyr

Internship Host: Forefront Dermatology

Project: Justin interned as a Medical Assistant for Forefront Dermatology, a growing dermatology clinic based in Wisconsin. He assisted physician and physician assistants by taking patient's background history, presenting patient cases to provider, numbing patients, removing sutures, administering photodynamic therapy, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion, as well as assisting with medical procedures.

Alli Winot '16

Major: English

Internship Host: Ksilver Illustrations

Project: Alli interned with Ksilver Illustrations and wrote a comic book based on her novel series. She collaborated on the graphic novel creation process. They ran an Indiegogo to fund the art book and comic that they worked on.

Alex Wiseman '16

Major: Economics

Internship Host: South Harrison Athletic Corporation

Project: SHAC is a non-for-profit youth athletic organization that organizes children's sports teams from soccer to baseball. Alex hosted four separate tournaments involing over fifty teams and was in charge of the operating budget as well as hiring staff for the events (umpires, concession workers, field crews, and gate workers). Through these four tournaments, SHAC raised roughly $15,047 which will go towards maintaining the fields as well as building new facilities.