Business Scholars Program

Workshop and Event Requirements


Scholars must have attended a total of eight workshops or other designated events in order to graduate with the Business Scholar concentration.

The New Scholars Orientation counts as one workshop for sophomores (even if it was taken in the freshman year). Certain required workshops must be completed by specific deadlines during the four years to prepare Scholars for their internship and career search.

Following is the recommended timeline for completing the co-curricular Program requirements:

Workshop Grid

Designated events include lunches, special program speakers and other networking opportunities with alumni and business and government leaders designated by the Business Scholars Program staff. Workshops and events will be posted on the Business Scholars Program web site as they are scheduled.

Attendance will be recorded through a sign-in sheet at each workshop and event.  The Business Scholars Program Operations Coordinator will provide workshop and event status upon request.  Scholars are encouraged to schedule their participation evenly across the academic year to avoid difficulty in meeting these requirements as the academic year progresses.