Business Scholars Program Advisory Board

The Business Scholars Program Advisory Board was established to engage senior business, government, and civic leaders who possess unique knowledge and skills that will help guide the continued growth and development of the Business Scholars Program. The BSP Advisory Board addresses issues of strategic growth, recommends the timing and development of new programs, assists in developing a broader network of senior business, civic and government executives who will promote the Business Scholars Program and create opportunities for scholars. Additionally, the BSP Advisory Board helps raise funds to build and maintain the program, and assesses the effectiveness and quality of the program against stated goals and objectives.


Advisory Board Members



Richard W. Beatty '64
Professor of Human Resource Management (Retired)
Rutgers University
Human Resource Consultant

Princeton, NJ

Rick Shearer '70
Executive Vice President (Retired)
Bank of New York Mellon

Bronxville, NY

Jeff Blair '70
Chairman (Retired)
North American Science Associates Board of Directors

Leesburg, IN

John Shoemaker ‘64
Executive Vice President (Retired)
Sun Microsystems

Los Altos, CA


Lisa Fleming ‘82

Fleming Law PLLC

La Grange, KY

Chuck Summers '10
President/Executive Director
KOIT Global Investments

Louisville, KY


Holly Merriman Gamage ‘87
Director, Sustainability and Innovation
Stericycle Environmental Solutions

Indianapolis, IN

Mark Williams '76
Global Ethics, Legal Compliance and Contract Projects Manager, Group Michelin (Retired)
Michelin North America, Inc.

Greenville, SC

Greg Gleason '72
Managing Partner
NueVista Strategy LLC

Oakbrook, IL

Greg Willman '85
Co-Owner, President & C.E.O.
316 Investments, LLC.

Indianapolis, IN

Jim L. Rogers '82
Owner / Proprietor / Founder
AdImage Advertising Agency

South Bend, IN

Mike Zeddies '77
Midland Marketing, Inc.

Northfield, IL