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Learn by Doing

The Business Scholars Program offers a variety of unique experiential opportunities in direct contact with those already working in their chosen field. Project-based internships with business and not-for-profit organizations enable Business Scholars to add value to a host organization through work on a customized project.

Each Internship is tailored to match the Scholar's career interests and provides real-world experience. Seniors in the Business Strategy course conduct a consulting project to help a local organization strengthen its business.

Cecilia Weihe '11
Major: Economics

Extra-Curricular Activities: Student Senate (former President and Vice-President of Membership), Chi Omega (former Vice-President and Scholarship Director), Peer Advisor, AVID Math Tutor, The Philadelphia Center Alum, The Shoebox Board (former Marketing Chair), First-Year Committee, Senior Committee, Economics Society.

Through conversations with my peers and as a result of my personal experience, I’ve noticed people choose to come to Hanover College for many reasons. It is the unique opportunities such as the Business Scholars Program that generate significant interest and noticeable results.

When I arrived at Hanover College, there was an excitement and momentum built around the Business Scholars Program. Students and faculty believed in what the program had to offer. I applied because I felt business know-how was a relevant, even necessary, complement for liberal arts students in today’s working world.

As a result of my participation in the Business Scholars Program, I’ve gained applicable knowledge; I’ve geared the program towards my interests; and I’ve made my own goals. The program has students from the majority of the disciplines offered at Hanover and has enough electives to spark the interests of each individual. The Business Scholars Program instills basic concepts, while allowing students to specialize in many different areas. This aspect made me particularly intrigued with what the program had to offer. With such flexibility, I’ve been able to maximize the benefits of being a Business Scholar.

Another aspect of the program that has enhanced my experience was the project-based internship. The summer before my senior year, I landed an international internship in West Africa. Through goal setting, research, and the application process I found a job geared towards my interests. I worked for a non-profit NGO--Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa--in Accra, Ghana. The experience allowed me to confirm and validate my future plans before I actually enter the workforce.

Finally, as a senior approaching graduation I am fully confident in my abilities as a result of the experiential learning and education I’ve received at Hanover College and as a Business Scholar. There is also a significant and supportive alumni network, willing and ready to assist Business Scholars Program graduates. It’s with this confidence, training, and support that I eagerly anticipate my future beyond Hanover College. 



Mary Bowles '11
Major: Sociology

Going into my senior year of high school, I was unsure which college or university was right for me. My mother encouraged me to look into a liberal arts education, and especially into Hanover for its reputation, small class size, beautiful scenery, and the new Business Scholars Program. My first visit to Hanover was during the Business Scholars Program day. I met students from a wide array of backgrounds and interests, yet we all wanted to gain business knowledge through our college experience. After leaving Hanover that afternoon I knew I had found the school where I belonged.

I was thrilled to be accepted into the Business Scholars Program and was very excited to start my first business course in the fall of my sophomore year. I learned quickly the benefit of pairing business classes with major (Sociology) courses. I was able to learn and develop my critical thinking skills more thoroughly in these classes because there were students from a diverse group of majors that would share their insight of course material.

The most valuable component of my experience at Hanover College was a twelve week project-based internship through the Business Scholars Program at Jewish Hospital and St. Mary's HealthCare in Louisville, Kentucky. Unlike many of my peers in the program, I was fortunate enough to intern under a Hanover alum that was a part of the first graduating class of the Business Scholars Program. During my internship, I developed and presented an hour long program to hospital directors and managers. The internship not only enhanced my communication skills, but also the professionalism and confidence necessary in the work force.

I transferred the knowledge gained through my internship and Business Scholars Program to the nation's capitol, where I interned at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center the first semester of my senior year. The Business Scholars Program prepared me to effectively communicate and delegate tasks to a diverse group of stakeholders as the primary project lead of a women's Veteran outreach event held at the medical center.

The Business Scholars Program has gone above and beyond my expectations coming into Hanover. I developed intangible skills through mock interviews, an etiquette dinner, business courses, and interaction with local business professionals. My professors were not only knowledgeable and enthusiastic, but could apply the course material to personal business experiences. As I approach graduation, I am grateful I chose Hanover and the Business Scholars Program.I am eager to apply the knowledge and skills gained through my education to kick-start my career.